Become Your Own Coach - #CherryTreeTeaser Reveal!

Cherry Tree Training presents BECOME YOUR OWN COACH! New course launching 2020!

Want to make a change to your training?

Do you try and get started bu t come up against doubt, knowledge gaps and trouble sticking with it?

Do you dream of owning your body, knowing what it needs and being completely confident about your training?

This is Become Your Own Coach. The gym-free training transformation.

Become Your Own Coach will help you solve mindset niggles, troubleshoot training issues, cross plateaus, and feel confident planning and executing your own workouts.

Wait... but surely I'm putting myself out of a job? Yup, I'm a terrible businesswoman, but I truly believe that if you still need me in 5 years I have failed as a personal trainer. I want you to get up and running, training yourself and smashing those goals - only seeking expert help on your terms!

The world is your oyster when you are your own coach.

Before I go any further I'm sure you have questions... When is the release date? What is the cost? I don't know some of these details yet - this is a big project and I'm spending Quarter four of 2019 developing and building this course. To stay updated just pop your email address below (by using this form you will only receive emails about Become Your Own Coach unless you request otherwise).

Now let's look at some specifics. What is this course REALLY going to do?

  • Get you moving. Priority number one is getting you comfortable moving your body. The first module is going to focus on creating a movement habit, once we have this in place we can refine it to meet an infinite number of goals. Step 1 - Transform you into someone who turns up every day they plan to.

  • Fill in knowledge gaps. Knowledge is power, it's true. Once you understand the why you will feel even more confident about the how. Step 2 - Transform your understanding of exercise so you know how to plan your workouts.

  • Boost your mental resilience. Training for you takes grit, but it is soooo rewarding. It is accessible to everyone with the right support in the early days - I will provide this coaching until you are ready for Step 3 - Become a confident, empowered and determined version of yourself, capable of tackling your BIGGEST fitness goals!

Throughout the course we will be filling in gaps, having 1-2-1 sessions and group workshops. You will complete the course feeling INFORMED, EMPOWERED and IN CHARGE of your body, training & wellness!

Is there anything you want to see in the course?

This course is for you. What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments or use this form to book in for a call with me! No questions too out there, no such thing as a daft question.