• St. James Church

Bishop Calls Snap Meeting with Congregation

Members of St. James: Tomorrow the bishop is coming to hear our concerns and grievances with the spiritual direction of our church. I encourage everyone to come and express your views.  Please take the bishop’s visit as a genuine effort to reconcile our differences.  If we believe our churches reflect Christ in this world, then conciliation remains possible.  The meeting is scheduled for 9/17/18 at 7 pm.

The bishop is coming to respond to complaints by several members of the church. Some members know, I filed a complaint with the national church claiming the bishop wrongfully took control of St. James and he is working behind the scenes to convert St. James into an international training center for the Anglican community (www.thelazarusinstitute.org).  

The bishop confirmed in a meeting to keep St. James a mission of the diocese. I believe this decision was made 3 years ago when Fr. Paul was appointed priest-in-charge. It may explain why he eliminated our ministries and over half of our members left.  

I apologize for not speaking with everyone about the complaint.  A member whose family has been coming to St. James for 3 generations said I can’t be involved in the church where the mystery of Christ is no longer present.  I know how this person feels.  I had to step away for a while.  I hope you understand why I kept the complaint below the radar. The mystery of Christ should always be present.

If you want to know more, please go to www.savingstjames.com.

The complaint is in the early stages and may be one reason for the bishop’s visit.   If the national church accepts the complaint, they will refer it to a disciplinary panel for litigation.