• Libby Allnatt

Here's the scoop on Brews on 7th

If you've ever driven on 700 East, you've probably passed Brews on 7th.


As much as I love a coffee shop with inside space to chill for hours, I'm always prepared to add a new drive-thru to my line-up.


This is what drew me to Brews on 7th, a Sandy mainstay I'm shocked to say I didn't try until now. Having grown up in the area, I've passed by this elusive little hut countless times. Considering the fact that I always have my eyes peeled for signs with pictures of mugs or any variation of "brews" in the name, meaning the business is likely a source of coffee, it's truly a wonder I haven't steered myself to Brews on 7th before.


In addition to my perpetual hunt for nearby coffee establishments I haven't tried before, Brews on 7th had been especially on my radar lately thanks to their active social media presence, including fun Instagram photos advertising their monthly specials. I knew I had to check it out, and a recent shopping day where I found myself in need of some fuel was the perfect opportunity.


Brews on 7th is located up 10600 South, in the same parking lot as K-1 Speed. (That's one way to burn off your caffeine jitters!) When I pulled up to the sizable drive-thru (the building itself could probably fit 4 Cremas, a brand new UT Caffeine Queen-approved unit of measurement), I was struck by how big the menu is. I had been planning to order one of the monthly specials, but was captivated instead by the lengthy menu of signature lattes. A variety of latte flavors and combinations is a huge factor of a good coffee place in my book, so I was delighted.



My delight was soon masked by confusion as I realized these signature lattes looked familiar, down to the cute names. The Caramel Blondie, the Van Halen, the Smilin' Hawaiian... several of the drinks are exact menu items from The Coffee Shop in Riverton, another one of my absolute favorite shops in Utah. This can't be a coincidence, I thought!


I put on my journalist hat and I tried to get some answers, to find out if they have the same owners, or if their owners are friends who swap signature latte ideas on the reg. Dear reader, I came up with nothing. Nada. No answers.


I could understand some overlap between coffee shop menus. I mean, how many syrup variations can you possibly have? But the exact combinations, down to the unique names? I was shook. The menus even have a similar font and look to them, so my best guess is that the shops are somehow affiliated, or the owners know each other. But the two shops don't follow each other on Instagram, so that puts a wedge into that theory. I have no idea.


I just couldn't discuss my Brews on 7th experience without bringing up this mind-boggling mystery. Anyway, back to the drink.


I decided to go with the Smilin' Hawaiian, my go-to fave from The Coffee Shop, because it's one of my favorite lattes of all-time, and also because I thought it would be interesting to compare. I got it 24 oz. and iced (duh). The Smilin' Hawaiian is a latte with white chocolate, macadamia nut and coconut, a trio that's rich and sweet, but also creamy and tropical. Another signature latte that caught my eye was the Blueberry Bliss, with caramel, white chocolate, and - you guessed it - blueberry, so I would definitely order that next time.



My boyfriend joined me on my adventure, which is fun for both the cute company and for the ability to try two drinks. He went with a 24 oz. iced chai. I'm picky about chai, so it's nice when he orders it at new places so I can try it without having to commit to it being my drink. Get you a bae who helps you sample chai, that's all I have to say.


Brews on 7th has two size options for iced drinks (16 oz. and 24 oz.), and four options for hot drinks (12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz.) I do love a 20 oz. option for iced drinks, but 24 oz. is my go-to, so I was happy to see this was available.


My utter confusion at the menu ("IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE" I kept declaring) was silenced as I took a sip of my drink. It had all the tropical deliciousness of the other Smilin' Hawaiian I know and love, but with the white chocolate flavor coming through even more to create a sweet and decadent drink. It was nice and strong, a dark tan color, and not too milky. It did not let me down.


The chai was reminiscent of horchata, a light cream color with a nice cinnamon taste. It reminded me of Oregon Chai, that kind from the store, but a bit sweeter. If I got the chai, I would definitely order it with an espresso shot or two to help it pack a punch. But overall, it was deliciously sweet and comforting, the kind of chai I like best.


The beverages clocked in at $11.17 total, not bad for two 24 oz. drinks, considering one (ahem, mine) was pretty strong and might have had as many as three espresso shots.


I'm not sure when exactly Brews on 7th opened, but reviews on the shop's Yelp page go back as early as 2014. One reviewer wrote in 2015 that they've been going to the shop for ten years, so they definitely have loyal fans.



Brews on 7th has a vast menu, and you could probably order something different every time you go and consistently end up delighted with your choice. The fun monthly specials keep things even more exciting (I had my eye on this month's Macaroon White Mocha), and they also serve sodas. In addition, the barista was super friendly and welcoming, which is always a plus. I would definitely return to Brews on 7th and keep spreading the word about this drive-thru so other people don't pass by it for years like I did.



715 E 10600 South

Sandy, UT 84094




5:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Monday through Saturday)

6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (Sunday)




-Convenient location

-Exciting monthly specials

-Vast signature latte menu

-Friendly barista