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Building on Blockchain

Updated: Jan 29

Building on Blockchain

There is a revolution taking place and we are here for it. New technology, tools, networks, promises, and new worlds right around the corner. Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies are beginning to change the internet. I expect this change, growth and disruption to keep coming. I want to help capture this story, to do this: I am contacting projects with goals to use this tech to push for a brighter future. A future with opportunity, wealth, tools and access to those tools. This is an in-depth interview series about the people creating new platforms, tools & opportunities for individuals around the world.

My Focus: To speak with the people on the front-lines of the industry. To do this, I am interviewing industry developers, CEO's, teams, influencers, miners, traders, investors & tons others. I want to capture a glimpse of day-to-day life from the people generating this growth, I want to shed light on their pre-blockchain life, and explore their thoughts on how things are changing and where we're going in the future. This series: Building on Blockchain, is dedicated to every voice I can find. I want to publicize the voices and personalities of these people and teams, because perspective matters. Sharing perspective and asking questions is how I believe we can help lower the "crypto learning curve" together. This is a great thing.

My Goal: To paint an on-going picture that effectively represents a "State of the Blockchain".

Follow Building on Blockchain, as we highlight some of the ways that this technology is growing; showcasing the tools and benefits that are now becoming possible for individuals- get the story right from the source!

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