Burlesque With a Twist

Updated: Aug 25

Burlesque + Aerialists = Modern Burlesque with a Vintage Feel. This was the formula that Wanderlust, a show hosted by the talent of provided an audience of San Diegans in North County this past Friday, leaving us with a sense of awe,

Voila!Entertainment knowing we had just experienced a true treasure of an art form.

Kixxi Galore performing her tantalizing tap number "Train Station"

The venue was a bit hard to find, as it is located in a business park in Carlsbad. I almost wondered if I was in the wrong location, and my Über driver asked me if I was sure this is where I needed to go. I assured him this was the correct place as we began to see cars parked in the very back of the parking lot and the bling from the girls’ aviation costumes began to sparkle helping me spot them. The girls stayed in character, welcoming me to the trip and wishing an enjoyable ride as they slipped me the program filled with the content that would be taking place throughout the evening. As I stepped into the venue, I felt like I was taken to a different world. The ambiance was playful, lights dimmed down and a tiki bar to the left. Straight ahead was a wall full of vintage cameras that I couldn’t help but use as a backdrop for a photo to share on Instagram with my friends and family. The bathroom was full of provocative art photos, tastefully done showing the beautiful bodies of vixen women, and yes, cleavage was shown but with sparkly tassels to hide the most private area of a woman’s breast, foreshadowing what we would experience that evening in the show.

Mel Bliss glittering gold in the "Bangkok" trio

The most fun part of the venue was the private room for VIP members - yes, it is a thing at a dance show! Definitely something to look into as you receive champagne along with the best seats in the house. The room had a secluded feel with beaded curtains dividing it from the rest of the studio, giving it a glamorous effect with a wall decorated with a huge vintage map displaying “Wanderlust: A Strong Desire to Travel”. The antique couches added a cozy vibe, making you feel as if you just entered a speakeasy and only those who knew the password could enter. Well, balling on a budget, I walked myself straight into the main stage room where the high ceilings were filled with more burlesque ladies pictured on the wall along with curtains and vaulted string lights. In front, there were Victorian style couches for VIP members, and a stage that held a sparkly black curtain splashed as the backdrop with every seat in the house filled.

Mel Bliss, Luna, Kixxi Galore, Traci O, Sydney Woolf, and Serafina Wanderlust kick off the show in their "Flight Attendants" piece

Let me tell you, the ladies of Voila know how to get asses in seats for a reason! As we all waited for the show to start, fanning ourselves with the program as it was a bit warm inside, the lights faded to black, and the purple spotlight began to shine on the girls who walked in with sparkly blue and white aviation costumes, the kind you would see from the days of Pan Am. The Flight Attendants kicked off the show with a cheeky piece, well literally cheeks could be seen, tastefully done of course, as the girls got into a single line formation and melted down, leaning on eachother’s backs, shaking their bums from side to side giving the fans a shot of the risqué white undergarments that added playful personality to the piece. Full of kicks, ripples, fun upbeat choreography, and lots of banter with the audience, the most fun part was the end when the girls gave a sexy jazz walk exit down the aisle of the room, and from behind the curtain came a special male guest (character name not mentioned in the program) from the “Mile High Club” out with a straggling flight attendant to give us a little “wow-did-that-just-happen?” factor.

Soon after, the most gorgeous peacock appeared on the stage decorated in blue sparkle with gold trim draped with stunning beads. Performing solo, she helped us samba into Rio De Janeiro, teasing us with her headdress, and making all of the peacocks out there jealous with the ruffle of her feathers. Our layover was in San Francisco where Sydney Woolf donned a funky, fun outfit true to the spirit of Frisco that consisted of a hat, colorful striped pants, and a sexy black suit on top. She sat on her vintage suitcase props that helped us feel what her sultry tone was conveying to the audience. She did not miss a beat with her vocals, and her eyes played up the piece, letting us know she meant business.

We got off our flight and met with Kixxi Galore at the Train Station who was dressed in her sparkly raincoat and white gloves carrying nothing but her luggage and a passion to illustrate her story. She tapped away to the syncopated beats, bringing visibility to the sound of the music. The accents her tap shoes brought to life made this piece a bold statement, clapping them together with a swift jump in the air. The grace of her arms and hands flowing fluidly, she would finish out a movement from her zany spinning, inviting the audience into her world with her alluring fingers.

As the lights went out, we were left on stand-by to a Party in Ibiza where only the silhouettes of neon-lit bodies could be seen from the glow of the black light. Donning fuzzy boots and white gloves, the audience was given a treat when the upbeat women wearing fun party wigs began to take off their black suits, revealing a neon surprise underneath. The sassy choreography was filled with a modern jazz vibe, blended with waacking and voguing. Confetti was thrown, glow sticks twirled, and ribbon dancers began to take over the stage as Mel Bliss began her lift off into the air, wowing the crowd with her aerial abilities. Her athleticism drove the crowd wild as she began to climb up the silk apparatus, which was attached to the ceiling, allowing her to float effortlessly like a ballerina in the air.

As we make our final descent from this Wanderlust journey, we were taken on a voyage filled with singing, dancing, yodeling, tapping, acrobatics, and the art of the striptease by Mel Bliss, Luna, Kixxi Galore, Traci O, Serafina Wanderlust, Monty Merlot, Sydney Woolf, Daisy Pavlovics, Rebecca Lush, and Birdie Boom Boom. They took us on an unforgettable trip, in their sparkle shoes of course, to places from The Big Apple all the way to Paris all in the comfort of our seats at Fuze Studios.