Converting USD to Bitcoin

Updated: Aug 1


Looking to convert USD to Bitcoin? I think you have seen the numbers. Since Facebook announced the use of its own altcoin, "Libra", the investment in the Gold of Cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin, has gone through the roof. It is up $2,000 USD in the past 48 hours, this is the mainstream catching on to this de-centralized form of transacting business. 

To set up an account to convert USD to Bitcoin click on the links below:

Coinbase account : 

or Binance account:


Coinbase and Binance are solid exchanges, much like Etrade and Ameritrade are with the stock market. I use both of these. I am now offering one on one or group training on how to set up your own cryptocurrency accounts on your computer and on your phone.


We are now accepting bitcoin at the following address: 3AxX1d6WQSRqz6g6oWJK4tANTqNkYcFSGf

Happy Buying and Selling!