Digital Game Equity Fund Now Open



Creative Saskatchewan is pleased to announce its new Digital Game and Gamified e-Learning Equity Fund. The fund will provide equity investments in commercially-viable digital games and gamified e-learning projects created by Saskatchewan-based interactive digital developers.

Digital game and gamified e-learning is the specific sub-sector of digital development best suited for Creative Saskatchewan’s legislated mandate to invest in the production of “commercial cultural content.” Successful applicants to the equity fund will be eligible for an investment covering up to half of a project’s development and production costs, to a maximum of $100,000.

“The new Digital Game and Gamified e-Learning Equity Fund is an exciting addition to the Government of Saskatchewan’s growing portfolio of investments in hi-tech innovation to propel the digital economy,” said Gene Makowsky, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport. “Creative Saskatchewan’s investments in digital game developers will help retain and expand our province’s skilled digital workforce.”

Digital developers who receive an investment from the equity fund will design and deliver complete, digital video games, including “gamified” e-learning experiences that play like games. The games must be made available for sale on app stores, streaming services, or other digital platforms. Creative Saskatchewan’s equity investment ensures that a portion of commercial success enjoyed by these completed projects is reinvested in Saskatchewan’s digital development sector.

“Our Digital Game and Gamified e-Learning Equity Fund has been designed in consultation with digital development stakeholders, who told us equity investments are the best fit for their businesses and for the digital sector overall,” said Greg Magirescu, CEO of Creative Saskatchewan. “We’re looking forward to investing in the skilled creative entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan’s digital game development sector, and to helping them reach their goals of commercial success.”

“SaskInteractive works closely with Creative Saskatchewan. Over the past two years we assisted in shaping an investment program that made sense for the digital sector,” said Thomas Archer, CEO of SaskInteractive. “Digital game development skills are an important part of the creative and technological economy. Coding expertise as well as the creative skills are required in many other parts of the digital landscape. This investment in commercially-viable digital game development is an investment in digital innovation.”

Applications to the Digital Game and Gamified e-Learning Equity Fund are now being accepted. For complete fund guidelines, assessment criteria, and application information, visit the website: