Decency Ain't a Weakness

As a Democrat, do you ever feel your desire for decency and respect for the rule of law is a weakness Trump’s GOP are ulceratin’ to weaponize against you? Have you ever felt helpless when you point out to the MAGA crowd hypocrisies big enough to swaller a channel cat whole, only to be astonished at their lack of ability to care?

Yep, we play by a different set of rules, but these are rules who make us what we are.

A scene played out this week that made this “decency divide” more apparent than ever. Joe Biden, always the touchy-feely tactile politician, was called to task for “inappropriate touchin’.” Hair Twitler and the dumbest thumbs on social media had to weigh in by tweetin’ out a video paintin’ Uncle Joe as a pervert.

Tea Pain hates to admit it, but Democratic heads exploded over the idea that the “P****y Grabber in Chief” dared accuse a feller whose hugs lasted a couple of Mississippis too long of bein’ a sex offender. How could the same scoundrel that cheated on the mother of his newborn child lecture anyone on sexual impropriety? Twitter melted down as Dems tried in vain to point out to the MAGA crowd that this was hyper-drive hypocrisy.

Guess what? None of them cared. They drank deep the liberal tears flowin’ from their smartphones and found it refreshin’. Why? Because Trump has taught them that decency is a weakness and basic human values are for losers.

So, as Democrats, what do we do? Believe it or not, the answer might be found in the Bible. The Apostle Paul, dealin’ with a case of incest, advised the Corinthians to “hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.” This sounds mighty apocalyptic, but this is the origin, or as Trump would say, the “orange” of “shunnin’.” Seein’ there was no way of gettin’ through to this one Corinthian feller, Paul said it best to give up on him entirely and cast him outta the congregation.

This is good advice for us as well. You’d sooner talk the stripes off a tiger as convert these MAGA cultists. It’s time to cut ‘em loose and focus on those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Some have suggested that “when they go low,” we shouldn’t go high anymore. We should get down in the dirt and fight out in the street. Maybe we should embrace hypocrisy as a superpower like them MAGA warts do?

No way, Creme Brulee! We might as well just change parties and don the red hats of hate if we’re gonna be no different than them. We embrace our decency and hold it high as we march into battle against the forces of darkness in 2020. Except, this time, we don’t waste our breath on those beyond our help.

There is one thing we should borrow from the GOP, however. Once we pick our ticket, we stand behind them one thousand percent and don’t allow ourselves to be enticed by shiny, boutique third-party objects. Our overarchin’ goal is to select a candidate that can achieve the ultimate result: a #OneTermTrump!

Never be ashamed of your decency, brothers and sisters, for it is the one thing that sets us apart from the rest. There’s endless fields of good soil out there waitin’ for the right seed to be planted. So while Trump’s base is growin’ old and dyin’ off, your precious sprouts of democracy are maturin’, bearin’ fruit and votin’ blue!

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