• Paulina Corvi

Wedding Planning Seems So Overwhelming... Where Do I Even Start with Destination?

Updated: Mar 17


Where do I even start?!! I thought to myself approximately one month after Peter (my husband - still not quite used to calling him that ♥️) proposed in Paris. I got lucky that I knew I wanted a wedding in Italy. Though truth be told, I definitely had to sell the idea to my now husband 🙊 But as I stared into my computer screen blankly, I got my first wave of wedding anxiety. I’m one of the first to get married in my friend group, so there wasn’t a lot of advice available in my personal life 🤯 So close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding. Is it rustic? Is it glam? Is it a colorful summer wedding or a white winter wedding? Do that. But once you’ve done that, the first real thing you should do as a bride is come up with a budget 📊 A budget will be the anchor for this whole crazy wedding ordeal ⚓️ Trust me, it’s the least fun part of the whole process, but it makes everything else that comes after just slightly easier. Have those tough conversations. Are any family members chipping in? Do you as a couple have other important goals like purchasing a house together? What’s the magic number that would make everyone comfortable? Is there room to splurge a little? I can help make sure that you achieve maximum impact with your budget, if you have one already. If you don’t have one yet, but have some ideas for your dream day, I can guide you through the process and get to the right budget 🔏

No matter what the budget ends up being, trust me that I can still create a beautiful, spectacular, epic wedding. And I say that because an epic wedding isn’t about how much you spend, it’s how it ends up making you feel and your guests feel 🎉 The best weddings are the ones where people are smiling through their teeth and bawling happy tears. With that said, have you set a budget yet?