Welcome to the Dollhouse, where Barbie endures psychological dysfunction, an emotional breakdown, a really bad haircut and, ultimately, decapitation.

Barbie Discovering Ken’s Gay Affair: The “In the Dollhouse,” series shows what really happened behind the plastic walls of Barbie’s dream house.

At last! The veil has been lifted on Barbie’s emotional distress and Ken’s actual sexual preference. In her photographic series In the Dollhouse, Vancouver-based artist Dina Goldstein records the doleful and unfulfilling marriage of 2 of the most iconic, and socially problematic dolls ever made.

For its makers, Barbie represents the concept that Beauty is Power and necessary to attain true happiness. However, when Ken, Barbie’s handsome boyfriend, expresses his individuality, the value of beauty as an apex trait is exposed as a cheap, plastic facsimile.

The series unfolds a tragic tale of the challenges of being plastic and the potential for salvation through authenticity.