• Dennis Buettner

Dr. Weinberger's brilliant "peer reviewed" letter about Habit Cough explained by Dennis.

Updated: 2 days ago

This video is me explaining Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed & published letter by Dr. Weinberger "Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by proxy - M. Weinberger":


These types of letters are sometimes hard to understand. I have learned enough about The Weinberger Procedure to give it my best shot at an easy to understand explanation.





Of course, this is my view of what happened with Bethany. Consult with your doctor and tell them about this "peer reviewed" and "published" letter.


Most important is the term, "peer reviewed and published". When speaking with your medical professional, it is IMPERATIVE that you use these words. If you said, "... I heard something about a cough that was a habit and it might be what my child has." << This would mean little to them. Add the phrase, "peer reviewed and published" and all the sudden it will raise an eyebrow of intrigue.


Literally print out the "peer reviewed and published" letter HERE and hand it to your doctors if you want them to know about Habit Cough and The Weinberger Procedure.


Here is a comparison / evolution of the treatment path of Habit Cough from the 1960's to current day - and the future.