Emotional eating - friend or foe?

Do you over eat when you're stressed, anxious or depressed? Maybe you find yourself eating the entire chocolate box for no apparent reason.

Some of us crave food when we're over joyed, believe it or not. It all comes down to the same theme: managing our emotions. Ideally, emotional self-management would be a conscious action that developed our ability to self-regulate. But we haven't been taught how to self-regulate in school, and likely not at home. Even if we were, emotional self-management is a life long practice. This is why emotional eating is a friend.

Whether it is expressed through your health or via a puzzling behavior like eating everything you have in the fridge, emotional eating as a symptom is NOT the enemy. Emotional eating is the messenger of a deeper, and much more fascinating challenge that is trying to call your attention to what is really going on inside of you. Trying to suppress it creates a self feeding loop, because what you resist, persists. In fact, it tends to grow stronger, have you noticed that? So, you're emotionally eating. The next step is learning to decode its language. Another way of saying it is:

Can you begin to understand what it may be trying to say? Hugs,