• Carrie Thompson

Equipping God's People for the Workplace

Join us for breakfast on Wednesday, February 12th at 7:30am as John Spadafora speaks to us from his expertise in integrating our faith in the workplace.


John will inspire you to consider:

As a Christian in the world, how do I live out my faith in the workplace?

How can a demanding work environment be my mission field?


Immediately following our normal breakfast program, around 9am, John will hold a special Pastor's Session and provide tools and resources to equip pastors in ministering to the workforce of their congregation. Every pastor wants their congregation to take Christianity to the world - and those in the secular workforce have a mission field at their fingertips. How can pastors equip their members in this mission field?


There is no additional fee for the Pastor's Session - just pay the normal breakfast fee and join us!


Get your tickets at EventBrite - and don't forget to sponsor your pastor!


About our Speaker

John Spadafora grew up in Philadelphia, graduated with bachelors and master’s degrees in music and theology, and later worked in Italy for 18 years, integrating his faith and music as a church-planter. He returned to the U.S. to continue with Crossworld as Director of Church Connections. He facilitates relationships with U.S. and international churches through networking, writing and speaking on faith/work integration, casting vision for the workplace locally and globally as a primary venue for God’s transforming work. John and Diane have been married 40 years, live in the Philly area and have three adult children and three grandchildren.