• Gillian

Expectations Can Hurt

Expectations can hurt.

They are borne of fear.

We all experience a range of different expectations, from the big ones right down to the everyday. We might expect our loved ones to send us a ‘good morning’ text but if they don’t, our internal dialogue can start to play loudly in our minds… “Is that person really interested in me? Are they thinking about me? Am I important enough?” This can lead to feelings of anxiety, insecurity or low self esteem.

Fear of losing them.

We may have long term expectations of our children studying well at school so they will have a bright future ahead. But If they choose not to take this path, we may experience feelings of worry, frustration or disappointment.

Fear they will not succeed or be happy in life.

Maybe I don’t mean that the expectations themselves hurt but rather that people hurt themselves by having them.