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Fall/Winter Minimal Wardrobe for a Young Girl

I did a previous post for my boys seasonal clothing called "Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Young Boys". In that post, I discussed what a capsule wardrobe is, and why I chose this method for my boys clothing. In case you missed that post or don't know what a capsule wardrobe is, it is a collection of minimal coordinating clothing items that can be used interchangeably to create a variety of outfits. It is a great method that I highly recommend. However, this idea just doesn't work for my daughter.

My two year old daughter has strong opinions about what she wears. That last sentence really is an understatement. She will put on a dress and twirl, and if that dress does not lift off her body and twirl with her, she will immediately take it off.

What is a mom to do? Fight her?

Yup, I could totally do that. Listen, I am very good at arguing with/yelling at my children, it's actually my default mode. But as a recovering stressed out screaming mother, I refuse to fight the battle of what my kids wear. She does dresses herself (with help) and doesn't run around naked so this is just a fight that I just will not pick.

Okay, so what are my options? I'm not really going to be able to create a capsule wardrobe because all of the clothes she loves aren't coordinating in the slightest. She loves a rainbow of colors, and I'm not taking away her favorite dresses. Instead, I went into her drawers packed full of clothes, picked out the ones she actually wears, and set aside the rest.

This is our final minimal wardrobe.

3 Dresses

3 Long Sleeve Shirts

5 Pants/Tights/Leggings

2 Button Down Shirts

3 Jackets

3 Sweatshirts/Vests

(Note the absence of one extremely puffy pink dress. She refused to take it off so I could get a photo.)

I feel like I need to stop for a second and explain that I know there are going to be people who think it's not enough clothes. Let me just say that God made different types of parents/mothers. This is what helps me and my family function best. If this stresses you out, then this system is not for you. What I really want to do is demonstrate that there are other options out there for parents who get stressed out with clutter or maybe don't have the means to buy their kids 15 complete different outfits. Honestly, I am both and I'm thankful for this.

So if you are thinking about trying a minimal or capsule wardrobe, the first thing that I'd recommend is taking out every article of clothing your child has and throwing it into one big pile. Next, sort out all the clothes that they have never or will never wear. Then what I like to do next is create a list of all the different articles of clothing (short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants, etc.) and list the number of items they have. This helps me see where there are maybe too many or too little items in a particular category.

Finally, start playing around with the different ways you can pair articles of clothing together. I think that you'll find that you have more outfit options than you may have anticipated. Now you may end up needing to run by the store and buy a vest or a couple button down shirts to help layer. But that's much more affordable than going out and buying five or six complete outfits.

Truly have fun with this process, if you plan on cultivating your own minimal/capsule wardrobe, and let your kids engage with you as you do it.

I hope this post inspired or motivated you to be purposeful about you child's wardrobe or gave you an idea to share with a friend that may be struggling with having a strict budget. We are offering a free printable check list for a boy and girl minimal/capsule wardrobe. You can head over to the new Free Printable section of our website and download a check list for free.

Be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this post and want to see more content regarding minimal/capsule wardrobes!