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Updated: Sep 22

The show is a gift from South African Christians to Israel. It is a non-profit venture. Tickets are being sold at market prices, however the revenue generated will not cover the total expenses.


So please read on prayerfully and consider if the Lord is leading you to support this significant production as a financial partner.



The Story of Daniel

  • Daniel is the well-known story, who many remember being read to them from childhood, with famous scenes like Daniel surviving the lion’s den, and his friends in the fiery furnace.

  • However, the story of Daniel is so much more than just these classic stories which powerfully demonstrate God’s favour over a select few whose faithfulness He rewarded.

  • Behind the scenes is the God of Abraham, who says “Do not be afraid”, because:

  • He loves His chosen people, Israel;

  • He gives them hope for a future when in the danger of captivity and destruction; and

  • He promises to display His sovereign power and glory to and through them.


Daniel The Musical

  • Joe Niemand received a prophetic word for this musical, which has since been confirmed many times over through independent people unaware of the word he received (and through other people who have been placed in our path with this purpose).

  • Joe has a powerful testimony to share which, inter alia, includes the recent making of ‘The Presence of the King’, which is the follow-up album to ‘Glory to the King’ where over 340 000 CD’s (commercial value of $3m) were distributed for free (as-with the new album).

  • While Joe ministers through this music at the Mighty Men Conferences across South Africa, thousands of people are being touched by the testimony around the supernatural timeline and provision for the album, which was written and recorded in just five weeks and includes orchestra and mass choir.

  • While Joe was focused on writing songs for the album ‘The Presence of The King’, God was (without Joe even being aware) giving him songs that were not only applicable as part of Joe’s journey these past 2 years, but at the same time were songs for specific scenes and characters in the musical.

Why bring ‘Daniel – The Musical’ from South Africa to Jerusalem?

  • The Book of Daniel forms a key part of the Holy Writings for Jews and the Old Testament for Christians.

  • ‘Daniel – The Musical’ brings this gripping story back to its place of origin- the center of the world, Jerusalem, the home of the Jews and sacred land for Christian pilgrims, celebrating what we have in common, which is a love for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His people.

  • ‘Daniel – The Musical’ is a powerful reminder to God’s chosen people that He is not confined to the pages of an old book, but is still a rewarder of those who seek Him.

  • Israel is again “surrounded”, but God has not forgotten His people.

  • The Word of God says of Israel in Gen. 12v3 “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you”

  • We want to demonstrate to our Jewish brothers and sisters (and the world) that we support them and stand with them and the God of Israel.

  • We believe that to bring a World Class Broadway-style production, ‘Daniel The Musical’, to Jerusalem is a project initiated by God and will therefore not only be successful but fulfil purposes even we cannot comprehend.

  • We believe the best time to share the above would be over Sukkot in October this year, as this is what we believe God has shown us.

  • Daniel the Musical is a Hebrew story, but in the end it is the story of all people. We, as Africans, are taking our gifts to Israel to retell this story in our own way and in so doing, we hope to glorify the God of Israel and bless His chosen people.

A short rare window of opportunity

  • There is currently only one theatre in Jerusalem that has the size and facilities to host a Broadway-style musical, which is the almost-1000-seater Sherover theatre at the Jerusalem Theatre Hall (“JTH”).

  • The only date we could have looked at booking the theatre for a week or more was in the year 2021 and even then, getting the JTH for more than a week at a time was never feasible because of the theatre’s busy annual schedule.

  • This presented a window for us to ‘book’ the JT for the first 3 weeks in October and thereby take the risk that the renovations would be completed before the end of September.

  • We therefore were given a rare window of opportunity to take advantage of and believe this is no coincidence!

  • We were informed last week (on the 3rd September) that the renovations will in fact be complete as we trusted and are now in the process of finalizing a contract with the JT.

Why the need for Grant Funding?

  • We are a non-profit entity without any other organizational financial support.

  • We have been walking month-to-month in faith, believing in the benevolence of the people that God will call to sow into the musical.

  • The forecast income (even at 100% theatre sell-out) does not cover the forecast expenses for this musical run.

  • However, we believe that God has opened a door that was not open in the natural and we are walking in faith that God will lead the right people to sow into this project.

Why to support the Daniel Musical

  • We believe that God has called this musical for a time such as this.

  • The story of Daniel appeals to Jews and Christians alike, so it generally has universal appeal.

  • The Producer’s team has a proven track record of, and experience in, producing similar musicals (such as “Ester The Musical”).

  • There is a captive market in terms of local demand plus Jewish and Christian pilgrims* to Israel. (*Average stay of 8 days per pilgrim. Approximately 1.6m per annum of which Oct is the busiest month of the year)

  • The market regenerates every week.

  • We believe that there is an opportunity to take this musical and its message other nations.

  • Our cast of 30 artists are currently in rehearsals.

  • The music and script is complete.

  • The Theatre is confirmed!

Where and from whom the funding will come is in God’s hands

Daniel the Musical Team


God Speaking to Your Heart


Pre-production expenses, for cast & crew, theatre, set & costumes, technical & sound and marketing all adds up for a world class production.


If you are reading this and believe that God is calling you to get involved or provide support, financially or otherwise, for ‘Daniel – The Musical’, please contact Joe or Theo.

We believe in this calling, the message of faith & hope and the blessings that God has in store for all who will be touched by ‘Daniel – The Musical’, to be produced in Jerusalem this October 2019!


“Behold, I am doing a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19


Theo Christodoulou

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Daniel the Musical – Opening in Jerusalem – October 2019


I will bless those that bless you…

Genesis 12:3


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