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'Go home and help out' call to doctors and medical workers

A leading member of the Pacific community is calling on doctors, nurses and other medical workers to return home to Niue to share their knowledge.



Speaking on PMN Niue, Director-General of the Pacific Community, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, says: "I keep saying to them we're not asking you to move back to Niue permanently. All we're asking you to do is to share your knowledge and think at some point you might want to take your holiday and go home and help out for a short time.


"The Cook Islanders and the Samoans health workers do that all the time. They go home and help out for a week, for two weeks, for a month.


"No-one is asking people to go home and live there permanently if that's not part of their plan, but given that we've had some benefits, we should give something back."


Dr Tukuitonga was speaking just weeks before the Pasifika Medical Association holds its annual conference in Niue for the first time.


Watch more of Dr Tukuitonga's interview on PMN Niue with Faama Viliamu.