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Updated: Aug 22

Flyer design for a Garden Designer

Moodboard for Findlay Gardens

I am not the green fingered type. At. All.

So far, I’ve killed four lavender plants and our back garden is wild – even the dog leaps over large tufts of grass to get back to the house. However, I am pretty sure my friend Jenni would see it as an awesome garden challenge.

I have known Jenni since primary school and she has always been what is known in the trade as “outdoorsy”. Whilst I went through my teenage “emo” phase and rarely ventured outside, Jenni was out in the garden, or on a walk, or doing something that involved going out to brave the Scottish elements. It was no surprise that years later she qualified as a Garden Designer and as her friend I offered to create her flyer to promote her new business venture.

If she lived closer, her business would be perfect for me: helping people realise the true potential of their gardens – whether they were looking for a bit of inspiration or have absolutely no idea what they are doing. She liked things simple, natural and liked the idea of using textured paper to tie in with her business cards.

I thought it was important as a new business to have Jenni’s picture on the flyer; this would help new clients trust her and not feel that they were talking to a faceless company. Jenni suggested to put some of her garden designs in the background of the flyer so it would be more eye-catching instead of a solid background.

Final Flyer Design for Findlay Gardens

As part of my design process I created three fully developed designs for Jenni to view. I mixed handwritten font with modern font so that important sections (contact details and offering) were easily visible to someone who may just glance at the flyer. I love the deep purple in the final design which stands out from the page.

With her input I was able to create a flyer that she loved and felt represented her Company.

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