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Affiliate Partnerships: How Can Vouchery Support Your Commission-based Business?


How Can Vouchery Support Your Commission-based Business and Affiliate Partnerships?How Can Vouchery Support Your Commission-based Business and Affiliate Partnerships?


Whether you are operating an Affiliate coupon app/website, running a business and would like to expand your reach to potential customers through collaborations with other businesses to cross-promote your product, would like to add gamification to your employee or sales incentive program, Vouchery can help you! Managing affiliate partnerships or commission-based business is not an easy task, it requires constant monitoring of all the distributed promotions and redeemed discounts.


Vouchery can help you to maximize your reach by personalizing and distributing the promotions to the right customers with high lifetime value, as a result, maximize your revenue and your affiliate marketing ROI!


Which business models can utilize coupons in their Affiliate Partnerships?

Cross-promotions of e-commerce businessesAffiliate coupon apps and websitesGames that include incentivesBonus & gamification programsIf you are looking for a solution to manage all your affiliate promotions painlessly, Vouchery.io can help just in that!


First, What is Vouchery?

Vouchery is an AI-driven Platform for dynamic promotions. It's about smarter, easier and more efficient discounting. We help marketers to micro-segment coupon codes, create a thoughtful, tailored-to-customer coupon strategy and in effect, decrease the marketing spend and revenue share driven by the vouchers. As mentioned in Forbes list of 60 startups shaking up the Tech across the globe, we are working on building not just a software, but a solution for our customers' needs and wants. Our mission is to help Marketers all over the world to seamlessly find and deliver the right incentive at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Why choose Vouchery?

Vouchery is an all in one promotional suite to manage and collaborate your promotional efforts, it can manage all your affiliate promotions painlessly and effectively help you to maximize redemption rate by distributing the vouchers to right potential customers at the right moment.


Benefits of working with Vouchery to manage affiliate partnerships?

Drive more traffic and revenue to your store


Promote your special offers on the portal, to the new, high-value customers. Access our platform to monitor the results in real-time: the number of vouchers distributed and redeemed, weekly and daily sales, and more! Select campaigns that you would like to participate in. Use our targeting platform to create personalized, trigger-based offers, with custom Terms and Conditions.


How to integrate Partners into your Promo Hub to manage affiliate partnerships?

Easy, we offer you multiple implementation solutions to choose the best that suits you:


Manual - Partner uses their own technology to provide the vouchers and takes care for redemption:


Vouchers are generated by the Partner During the campaign creation process, you have the possibility to manually upload the vouchers into the Campaign.Then, Vouchery.io distributes the vouchers to Users at the right moment.


Affiliate partnerships: uploading vouchers to Vouchery user interfaceAffiliate partnerships: uploading vouchers to Vouchery user interface



Easy to test the cooperation with the partner and doesn’t require any technical knowledge nor implementation.



The partner needs to have its own infrastructure to generate and redeem vouchers. No redemption data is provided. Lots of manual work.


Best suited for:

The only small volume of vouchers can be accepted, not ideal for long-term cooperation.


Semi-manual - vouchers are generated on Vouchery platform and redeemed on Vouchery mobile coupon scanning app


Vouchers are generated on Vouchery, using the rules and restrictions. The customer receives the voucher in the form of QR codes ( in the app or via email )When the Customer comes to redeem the voucher, Shop Assistant uses Vouchery mobile scanning app to verify the transaction.


Or, optionally, the code can be entered and verified on the desktop: How:

1. Paste the code:

Affiliate partnerships-manually redeem a voucher using voucheryAffiliate partnerships-manually redeem a voucher using vouchery

2. Receive the confirmation and the final transaction information


Affiliate partnerships- Manual redemption Vouchery coupon management software Affiliate partnerships- Manual redemption Vouchery coupon management software




It’s semi-automated with the minimum amount of effort. The customer receives the voucher in the form of QR codes, so it’s mobile-friendly.



The partner needs to have internet access


Best suited for:

The average volume of voucher redemptions

Vouchery QR code scanner Mobile appVouchery QR code scanner Mobile app

Full automation - Vouchery is integrated via API with Partner’s Point-Of-Sale ( requires technical implementation ).


Fully automated. No staff training necessary. EPOS scanner can be used for scanning the coupons in for of QR, so mobile friendly. Enables real-time data



Technical implementation required. EPOS needs to allow external integrations


Best suited for:

A huge volume of voucher redemptions. Companies with technical resources



Affiliate Partnerships: Implementation solutionsAffiliate Partnerships: Implementation solutions