• Tanisha Campbell

How to Style Your Natural Hair?


When scrolling online in different natural hair forums or on social media I often see many men and women who say they don't know how to style their natural hair. I am a victim myself. So how do you style natural hair? My response is to learn your hair, fall in love with your hair texture, and experiment with products!


Take a break from your protective hair styles and just try something new. The best thing about natural hair is versatility. You can pretty much style your hair in the most random way with different braids and puffs and your hair has the power to turn out cute! You can also find your hair twin on Youtube, Instagram, or pinterest! This is always a helpful tip when deciding what products might work for your hair or how you can style your hair.


But remember even if you do find someone with a similar texture as you, no two hair textures are alike. Everyone's hair is unique and what might work for someone else might not work for you.


Experiment with your natural hair and just know there are no rules on styling your hair or how to do it!