How We Win in 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

1) Tea Pain will expand on the vision he received in the desert this weekend. First check out Tea's latest blog post, "Vision Quest 2020." Click here.


2) We win by stickin' to the bread and butter issues that won us the House in 2018.

a) Health Care

b) Social Security

c) Women's Rights

d) Health Care

e) Responsible Gun Policy


Did Tea mention Health Care?


3) There's an old Democratic adage that Tea Pain may or may not have made up. "Win in the center, legislate to the left." It's a simple, but effective strategy. Once we have the White House, the House & Senate, we use our unified strength to enact more Progressive policy.


4) Are you sayin', "Tea Pain, should we give up on Mueller?" Nope! The Mueller Report is critical for a winnin' strategy, except it's not the forefront of our message. The dirt the Mueller Report will dish out will drive up Trump's negatives with the crucial independent vote.


5) To sum up. Run on the bread and butter issues. Win in the center. Health Care, Social Security. Don't lead with the Mueller Report. Everything we do should serve one singular goal. #OneTermTrump!