Impact of Air Quality on Employees

People all over the world are impacted by air quality. Places of employment such as wood shops, welders, construction, manufacturing, and other places where potential pollutants are present, air filtration is necessary for the well-being of the employees who work there.



A study/survey was conducted to find out what were the most important factors to employees in their workplace. Not surprisingly, most of the responses dealt with air quality. According to the study, 31% of workers lose 60 minutes worth of productivity due to environmental factors: this includes things like air quality, lighting, and temperature.[1]


When asked which factor affected their workplace performance the most, nearly 60% of workers stated air quality. Having some form of dust control system would allow employees to do their jobs comfortably and without fear of allergens or other pollutants.


A lot of research has been done on how poor air quality can affect a person. From their lungs (the obvious one) to their well-being, and even to their mental health, scientists and researchers are always discovering new health connections to air quality.


Imagine you are a welder at a manufacturing facility. It is known that welding can produce fumes and toxic pollutants to the air. What if your workplace doesn’t have a proper air filtration/dust collection system to combat this? First off, you would be getting sick a lot more. Throat irritation, itchy eyes, nausea, and dizziness may occur. The study above concluded that 1/3 of employees experience these symptoms. More serious effects include certain cancers.


Employee retention (the way organizations retain employees) would drop. Why would a worker want to work in a place where they are putting themselves at risk?


It is possible an employee would realize the potential health hazards and eventually leave the workplace. This would cause harm to the company leading to things like being short-staffed and potential problems due to not following federal regulations.


Not only does air quality effect retention, it also effects productivity. For example, if workers kept getting ill from the air pollutants, then that would cause a decrease in productivity. In fact, “more than 1/3 of employees reported up to an hour in lost productivity” because of poor air quality. [2] The more employees that are out sick, the less work gets done.


It is better to have a dust collection unit in order to improve air quality, to retain employees and improve productivity. An employee’s well-being is crucial to a business’s success.



More than half of workers say that the air outdoors or at their homes is a lot better than at work. What can we do to improve that? Industrial manufacturers and others need dust collection. It is extremely important that an employee’s health isn’t compromised. Our hope is that with the technology in place, workers can come into a workplace in which the air is clean and safe.


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Note: The sources below do not endorse our company or our products.



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