• Ketan Pandit

Jamun Sorbet: A Summer Fling



A happy summer is made of sorbetsA happy summer is made of sorbets
Jamun Sorbet is a Summer Fling!


Summers in India are looked forward to. Well, at least I look forward to them because I get fresh fruit like no other season! Mangoes, berries, watermelon, jackfruit, wood apple, muskmelon and what not!


The one clear indicator that summer has arrived is the availability of Jamun in the market. Jamun, or Indian blackberry (Ugh!) or Black Plum is fruit that grows in abundance in India, and has an ability to colour your tongue purple, like no other fruit.


Jamun and I go a long way back. I remember the neighbourhood fruit seller who got Jamun for us in a dried leaf bowl, sprinkled it with rock salt, and made sure we got enough fruit to last us a few mouthfuls. We would lie under a bougainvillea tree, spitting seed after seed, and while away time, doing nothing, but gorging on natures bounty.


Jamun has a tarty, somewhat sweet and a dry after taste. It is also loaded with health benefits. According to GoQII, Jamun is an excellent snack for diabetics since it is low in glycemic index, and also promotes liver health. I have never had Jamun as anything else, because, why spoil a great fruit? Until now.


I've always been a fan of ices, golas, shaved ice, and love to spend many a summer afternoons just going through one. The idea of Jamun Sorbet came to my wife, while we were at the beach last weekend relishing a gola, that had artificial flavouring. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we was already checking possibilities.


Here is one that worked for me.



  1. About 500 grams of Jamun. Make sure you get ripe stuff, and not the overripe ones.

  2. Half a lemon's juice

  3. 300 ml water

  4. 50 grams sugar


  1. Heat the water and the sugar in a pan, till all sugar dissolves. Keep aside.

  2. Now the fun part - take out the jamun pulp, and puree it in a blender with the lime juice.

  3. Add the water- sugar mix and continue to blend for another 10 seconds or so.

  4. Strain the jamun-lime- water-sugar puree through a colander, so that the left over skin etc is removed.

  5. Chill the strained mix for about 5-6 hours.

  6. Freeze in an ice cream maker, as per instructions.

  7. That is it. You can enjoy the jamun sorbet as it is, or with a sprinkle of rock salt and red chilly powder. But why ruin something that is already perfect?

Jamun sorbet is just fruit pulp, water sugar and lime. And so are many other sorbets. These are good treats for the house brats and are low effort but high impact treat.