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JNC Welcome Newsletter

Welcome to The Jewish Newspaper of California.

Over the past few months, several UC Berkeley students have been working on a special project. We have decided to create a collaborative platform where authentic Jewish voices can be heard, free from iron grasps of censorship. We want to build a cohesive center for students, professors, and educators to gather our thoughts and opinions on the issues and ideas that matter most to us.

This publication is for students, by students. In the face of rampant, perennial anti-Semitism, it is imperative that we take a stand against opposing forces and let our voices be heard. Often, we have faced censorship from seemingly inclusive and innocuous news platforms. However, inclusiveness never seems to fully extend to the Jewish voice. The presence of Jewish opinion becomes too inflammatory, too incendiary. That is where the Jewish Newspaper of California emerges.

We do not seek to placate.

Our community has called for an end of the censorship of our words. To be truly represented, we must create our own space. In this publication, we will discuss what Judaism means to us, our thoughts on Zionism, and other aspects related to Jewish identity.

We want to incite innovative opinion. We wish to encourage groundbreaking thought. But most of all, we are here because we want to be there for you. The community has made a call to action, and we are here to fulfill the role. The Jewish Newspaper of California is pleased to have your support. We can’t wait to see this publication grow and evolve alongside the Jewish community. Thank you for visiting.


Melody Niv