KidloLand: The Only Toddler App You'll Need

Let's be honest. Screen time is the way of the future. This may be disconcerting to some parents, as it was for me at first.

KidloLand: The only Toddler App You'll NeedKidloLand: The only Toddler App You'll Need

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However, what I have decided is how I manage and utilize screen time for our daughter is what truly matters to me. I never looked into any apps for my phone or iPad for her, as we just allowed her to watch Daniel Tiger and a few other cartoons on Amazon Prime.


The KidloLand App

Then we came across KidloLand. I was offered to have a one-month subscription to try it out and provide an honest review.


Let me just say...I am completely blown away!


I was skeptical, as I wasn't sure what app could entertain my busy 20-month-old for more than 2 minutes, but KidloLand did and continues to, during our designated screen time.


The Best Features

One of the best things about KidloLand is that fact that it is 100% interactive. That is right! Your child can touch anywhere on the screen, while in the app, and something changes/moves/makes a sound, based on what your child does! This is a genius idea.


Old MacDonald's Surprise Eggs is one of my daughter's favorites! While the song is playing, she is able to touch the eggs and they begin to crack open and out comes an animal! Or if she touches the sky, butterflies start to fly or the sky color changes.

KidloLand: The only Toddler App You'll NeedKidloLand: The only Toddler App You'll Need

Truly a remarkable idea for toddlers who may become bored easily.


The other great option built into the app is the "toddler safe" option, as I call it. I can select the baby button at the top of the screen, and it removes the ability to move to a different section or pause it. It's a child safety lock for staying on the screen! (similar to guided access for the entire iPad)


This feature is great for my daughter, as anytime she sees any additional buttons, she wants to touch them, which then frustrates her when she accidentally gets out of the song. This feature prevents that from happening all together.

There are over 800 songs, rhymes and stories to pick from. We haven't even come close to using them all, which is very exciting. The ability to not only have a large selection of items, but truly ones that are educational and will help my daughter learn. Some of the areas for children under 2 are:

  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Games

  • Stories

  • Activities

  • Language

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Animals

  • Holidays

  • Life Skills

  • Numbers/Counting

  • Foods

KidloLand offers either a 7-day or 14-day free trial, depending on if you want to continue monthly or yearly for a subscription.


As technology progresses, it's amazing to see how we can use that to help our children learn and grow. Gone are the days of mindless TV watching! From a skeptical mom to a thankful one, I will definitely be keeping KidloLand as a part of our screen time.