LVTA Tournament 2019-2020


The Latrobe Valley Tennis Association hosted its annual Junior Tournament on the 2nd November 2019 at Morwell Tennis Club.


The results have been delayed due to inclement weather and all events have now been completed.


The winners and runners up are as follows below:


Section 1 Singles:

Winner: Alex Styles, RU: Dash Hanratty


Section 1-2 Doubles:

Winner: Harry Davis / Dash Hanratty, RU: Liam Smart / Griffin McLure


Section 2 Singles:

Winner: Liam Smart


Section 4-5 Singles:

Winner: Heath Kamphius


Section 4 - 7 Doubles

Winner: Jess Powell / Heath Kamphius, RU: Lily Gretton/ Declan Kamphius


Section 6 Singles:

Winner: Declan Kamphius, RU: Lily Gretton


Section 7 Singles:

Winner: Jessica Powell, RU: Rylea Earle


Section 8 Singles

Winner: Eshan Shankar, RU: Caity Dalrymple


Section 8 Doubles:

Winner: Riley Radoc / Caity Dalrymple, RU: Eshan Shankar / Saul Forsyth


Section 9 Singles:

Winner: Willow Whitwam, RU: Justin O’Meara


Section 9 Doubles:

Winner: Willow Whitwam / Hollie Kamphius, RU: Justin O’Meara / Danielle Game