Canadian photographer Lyle Owerko's Boombox Project, is a loving homage to the ubiquitous urban stereos of the 1980s. Owerko's project embraces the boombox as an icon of popular culture that has come to symbolize rebellion and freedom of expression.

Lyle's collection of Boomboxes began in 2011 while browsing an outdoor market in Tokyo, Japan. That random find inspired him to shoot a variety (over 100) vintage boom boxes / ghetto-blasters / jam-boxes – whatever you want to call them!

‘It isn’t just an audio device, it’s an icon of many types of movements, it is an object of empowerment; it offered a way to open up the dialogue of a generation and brought that quite literally to the streets, not only via hip-hop and rap, but also punk, thrash metal, pop and guitar anthems.

In this view of the boombox – as an object of rebellion and empowerment – led to Owerko seeking out and documenting a whole host of models from their peak period of use, the 1980s, to form a photographic documentary.