Mercy Brown


Night lifts its veil

Off eerie valley side

A silence so frail, shattered by wail

Mercy Brown has died


Illness took its toll

Consumed from inside

Here she lay cold, thin as her bones

Shuttered sunken eyes


Entombed away from the light

From frozen world unkind

Mercy dances around her grave


Madness spreads as truth

Cruel specters feasting on lives

With body exhumed, her guilt was assumed

Mercy’s peace denied


Wicked plot takes hold

Carve her flesh with knives

False sins to atone, burn her heart on a stone

Ghastly smoke arise


Ashes her brother imbibes

Sullied with his lies

Mercy dances around her grave


Though now she rests in twilight

Be wary of ghoulish fright

For Mercy dances around her grave tonight