Symbols Help Us Navigate

While yes, we are in the eve of the eclipse today, right on my natal moon 24 Capricorn, and all is blacked out with Pluto, South Node and Saturn meeting the eclipse moon (things that need to be removed from our lives) and what needs our nurturing attention--Venus, North Node and Sun in Cancer, we are not powerless. For much of my life, coming out of an abyss of addiction, trauma, confusion, victimization and learnt patterns of blame (my soul picked the perfect scenario to foster evolution) I felt like a victim. To the system, to my parents, to the events in my life (and there was "proof" of how I had been victimized). The similar pattern lurks in our collective imprint. This is reflective of the Age we are in--the Piscean. The Ages move backward along the zodiac wheel, so the next upcoming Age is Aquarius, though we are not there yet, albeit many are pioneering the way forward, living in tune with the higher galactic realms in every way. With each Age, there is a sub-age (the sign in the opposite 180 degree placement). For the Piscean it is Virgo. Prior to Dark Eros (listen to upcoming podcast to understand this concept more), which came with Patriarchal conditioning, Virgo was honored as the Virgin Goddess, empowered to own land, be unmarried, and wield her devotion to protecting the forest, animals, and her sacred sexuality. She was a vessel of Mary, Isis, Demeter, Persephone, Quan the modern world she is regulated to being uptight, a victim caught up in the Madonna Whore Pisces/Virgo axis. Virgo can be uptight, rigid, critical, hypochondriac....underneath all of that shadow she is matron to the Goddess, to Earth, to streamlining excess to purify and cleanse, to highlight that which is unnecessary. What does this have to do with the Eclipse?

Astrology and planetary cycles are one layer of consciousness, one elaborate tool, super duper maps that help us navigate forward, though it is not the end-all-be-all. There is more. We have free will, we have our connection to the Higher Mind, Great Spirit, Guides to support us in these ever-changing times. What I realized the other day, feeling some doom and gloom about a current situation in my life--a long standing pattern, was the sign after Capricorn is Aquarius. Each sign portends the next. The zodiac is a wheel for a reason. The next sign is the evolution of the previous. Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius, and it carries radical power. To see clearly through the Full Moon Eclipse energy, I chose to align with the glyph of Aquarius, the lightening blot, the rod of ArchAngel Michael, the symbol of Mary Magdalene's infusion now and her coming return. I'm not bypassing what the mood tide is asking of me, I had a mega-emotional overflow last Wednesday, which freed up and cleared a pattern that has been with me my entire life. So it wasn't easy to feel. On the other side was a sense of total freedom and a restoration of empowerment. Remember your tools. Ignite the power within you, or the archetypes that you chose to bring with you in this life. We all have them. Much Love in the Overpass of the Moon and Her Collective Message of What Must Die, and What is Birthing Anew.