Why I Will Never Quit Selling doTERRA Products......

Updated: Mar 14

I am the kind of person who says "never say never" so how silly is it that I am writing a blog post about how I will NEVER quit selling doTERRA. It's sounds a little presumptuous doesn't it. Well with this topic, in particular, I will NEVER quit selling doTERRA and here is some insight as to why:


First and foremost, this company cares about the earth and the people on it! Through their Co-Impact Sourcing programs they help to empower people from over 40 countries.


Second, the founding executives started their Healing Hands foundation from the get go, which to me shows even more proof of their commitment to empower people from all over the world.


Third, this company can be a vehicle to get people to financial freedom, time freedom, and the ability to give back on a larger scale. The founding executives at doTERRA encourage their employees and independent contractors to take part in a program called Free to Give. The Free to Give program encourages us to get to a point where we are debt free so we can be free to give. I don't know about you but I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan so I totally get out on stuff like this.


doTERRA's Free to Give ProgramdoTERRA's Free to Give Program


Fourth, doTERRA is all about the Science and they have a complete medical advisory board, on staff! They also network with third party laboratories to test the doTERRA products for potency, purity, and ethicacy. Because I use these oils on the humans in our home, the fur babies on the min farm, we use them in the garden, in our cooking recipes, in our house hold DIY recipes, etc. I have to know that they are what doTERRA promises them to be and that they will actually work.


Lastly, when I work as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and in particular as a Silver Leader with the company I get to meet some of the most amazing people who have the most amazing stories and light around them. I love networking with these people on their health and wellness goals or in some cases, their business goals. Speaking of business goals, I love that in doTERRA there cannot be any nepotism (thanks to the compensation plan) and you can only promote as often as you deserve to.



When you work with a community of people who have had to work really really hard to get to where there are, there is a certain energy around them and it's hard to describe. Put it this way, I thank God every day, that I get to do this for a living and work with the people that I work with.


Now that you know why I won't quit, let me tell you a little about WHY I am doing this:


I started my doTERRA business 5 years ago and I started it by accident. Sure you have probably heard that a thousand times over but it's the truth. It may be a cliche truth but it's a simple one. You see, I was 7 years in with an amazing photography business (which I built from the ground up). I had an amazing book out and had amazing clients, who loved referring people my way. I was making the income I wanted to make and thought I was really living the life. But when you really looked at it, I was walking the walk and talking the talk but was I happy? Was I really, really happy? Or could it be that I was destined for more? When I stopped to really look at my life, I was working many, many hours a week (even though I had a perfected workflow). I was working these many hours because if I didn't work I didn't get paid. Bottom line.


Before my photography business I had spent time in the banking industry as well as in the casino industry so I had zero desire to go back to the corporate world. I thought self employment was my only option to really have the freedom that I wanted. But then this little thing happened. I was working out one day (at Power Up Fitness Studio in Valley Springs, CA) and my neck was bothering me. I asked their receptionist if she had anything for neck pain, as I was trying to get through my Zumba without being hindered by my silly neck pain. She gave me a tube of something called Deep Blue and I didn't even ask what it was....I just wanted relief. I applied it to the back of my neck and instantly felt the cooling effect from the peppermint essential oil in the product. Next I slowly started to feel the muscles in my neck relax because of the anti inflammatory benefits from oils like wintergreen and peppermint. I went back to my workout and didn't think much more about the Deep Blue, other than how good my neck felt. The next day I asked Jenny (the receptionist from P.U.F.S.) to tell me more about the Deep Blue product and I found out that it was made by a company called doTERRA. Interestingly enough the word doTERRA means "Gifts from the Earth" so this intrigued me more. You see, I was raised with respect to holistic ways so it made me want to learn more about this company called doTERRA. I learned that it's a privately owned company with seven founding partners. Each with their own specialty and unique skill set to make doTERRA the amazing company that it is.


When I thought about the amazing people who founded this company and the vision that they have for it, I had a strong desire to want to be a part of this mission. You see I have a strong Connectedness character strength, so what better opportunity for me than to work for a company where I can exercise that strength?! I mean this company has amazing executives, a consumable product (meaning re-orders and retention will be good), a solid compensation plan, the desire to good in the world and a way for me to exercise my character strength of CONNECTEDNESS?!?...um sign me up please!!!



I made the decision to transition out of my photography business and to go full speed ahead with a health and wellness business, promoting doTERRA products. I was using more and more products by the minute as they all worked so well and had me so fascinated. Remember I was raised with major respect to holistic ways and I hadn't experienced quality like this before. I was super geeking out, hard core. Anyway, fast forward to five years later and here I am - a Silver leader with doTERRA. Meaning I am the CEO of an organization filled with either retail shoppers, wholesale customers, and business partners. I directly manage three people who manage sales teams of their own. We run about 120k in sales on any given year and we have customers all around the world. I absolutely love what I do and I love the people that I have met because of this journey. I wouldn't change it for anything and I thank God every day for those 7 executives who came together over 10 years ago, to follow a dream. I think of how many lives would be different if those founding partners at doTERRA had been scared to do what they believed in their hearts to be right. With that said, I will never quit my business and I will share oils with anyone who wants to listen. This company has so much to offer, whether you are looking to trade out toxic products with natural ones or you are looking to make a little side cash or you want to launch a company the way that I have done, you have options and support at doTERRA.


Now that you know so much about me...tell me about you! What career passions do you have and what goals would you like to accomplish this year?