Nip One, Pearl One!

My head has been all over the place since my last blog, I seem to be finding things a lot more stressful than they need to be including work - also taking myself off my anti depressants hasn't helped but there are a few side affects which seem to be getting worse the longer I am on them so a trip to the doctors is definitely needed for some replacements!

Due to the above I haven't been able to get into any serious fishing, other than a few short evening sessions which didn't result in anything of note - I did manage a social on the club water with an old friend but due to my wife's recent ill health I don't like to be away overnight anymore however after a good chat with my mate we arranged a cheeky work night on the bank in the hope we could fluke out one of the special carp that the water holds.

I arrived straight from work and made the long barrow journey of over 1km round the lake, I had been down a few nights before to bait up so the plan was just to drop onto the primed area and flick a few rigs onto it.

By the time I got to the swim I was exhausted and collapsed into the long grass absolutely soaking in sweat!

It took me a good 10 minutes to pull myself back together but eventually still shaking from exhaustion I managed to get a couple of rods rigged up, I was only fishing at 7 wraps so it was just a case of flicking them out and following them up with a few spombs over the top.

With the two rods on the bottom sorted I set up my 3rd with a zig on and lent it against my shelter ready to cast onto something if I was lucky enough to see a show, I knew the area averaged about 8 ft deep so set the zig at 6ft - the top 3rd of water always seems to be the win zone whenever I have done any zig fishing in the past.

Just like I did, my mate arrived in my swim absolutely knackered - we chatted for 10 minutes so he could get his get his breath back before he carried on up the bank 30 yards or so to his prebaited area.

The evening past pretty quickly, the light was fading as I was sat on the bed chair eating some noodles when a good fish stuck its head out 50 yards or so in front of me - without thinking I put my dinner down, grabbed the zig rod and dispatched it to the zone.

Me and my mate sat with a brew discussing everything from buying houses to family but eventually called it a night about 11pm and retired to our swims for the evening - before I knew it I was in the land of nod dreaming about chunky carp and big women!

I was awoken by a one toner, I glanced at my phone as I was fumbling around trying to find my head torch - it was just after 4 am, I ran down the bank to the offending rod and lifted into the culprit as it made a powerful run across the lake.

I could hear footsteps behind me and turned around to see my mate looking exhausted as he had been up all night catching bream!

I didn't twig straight away, but as the fish came closer in I saw the long hook link in the torchlight.........I couldn't help but say it out loud "holy sh%t its the Zig Rod!"

Without any dramas my mate bundled the fish into the net, it looked a good fish so I set about getting the weighing gear sorted - for the record she weighed 28 and ounces.

It was going to be light soon so we secured the fish in the deep margins and chatted about the events that had just happened - that fish had just picked up a tiny piece of black foam in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black, it blew our minds!

I could see my mate was exhausted so I told him to go and get some kip and that I would wake him up in a hour or so to do some pictures, needless to say once it was light enough I couldn't bring myself to wake him up so I did an few self takes of my prize and returned her to where she came from.

My mate walked into the swim about an hour after I had returned the fish all excited to see it in the daylight, I was going to wind him up and ask him to get the fish from the margin and pretend it had escaped but couldn't do it to him after his rough night so just handed him my camera so he could see the shots I had taken.

After a quick breakfast and no more action we packed up and left the lake, it was due to be scorching and there was no way I barrowing back to the car in 35c heat after it nearly killed me the evening before.

Since then I have done a few more quick evenings on the club water, only 3 or 4 hour sessions after work - but I just seem to be getting plagued by tench and bream - my mind however has started to drift back to the estate lake so I can see me doing a fair bit on there in the coming months although as I stated in the beginning of this piece it will only be short day sessions for now.

Before I sign off, I have been thinking about rigs a lot lately - are we making it more complicated than it needs to be?

I remember as a naive kid, I used the same bog standard knotless knotted hair rig for 12 months - literally the same one, hook and everything and I caught stacks of fish back then, it makes me cringe now!

That hook point must have been so blunt after landing 100 odd fish if not more from day ticket runs waters!

The point (get it!) I am trying to make is, if the simple things worked so well back then why wouldn't they now - every article I see now has this all singing/dancing rig with 50 different components attached to it, surely its more to go wrong (don't get me started on the rig names - super duper turbo charged cock womble rig!).

I can see me going back to rigs of old, nice and simple - minimal components, the tackle companies must love people like me! lol!

Until next time, keep fighting the good fight, keep your chin up and be kind to your fellow man as you have no idea what battles they may be fighting.......

My god that's deep!