• Ushmi Dosaja

Poem: The Journey


For some

It starts with a call

An inexplicable nudge

Hurled forth

From the unknown

That prompts us

To ask of existence

I wonder

What more

Could there be

That, when I be it

May lift my humanity

Although the invitation

May be obscure

Its intensity is a force

Hard to ignore

Then comes the choice

The freedom to respond

To the invite

In any way we want

If we so choose

To say yes to the call

We must first

Find the place inside

Where desire

And willingness reside

To meet ourselves

In the mystery of the unknown

And with curious enchantment

Gather the new seeds to be sown

And from this place

We partner with Life in new ways

As foragers of the light

We will use to shine

On our yet to be travelled days

We allow it to align us

With a power lit from within

And teach us of our bliss

And unbridled might

The kind that can transcend any dark night

It teaches how to die

To everything we are not

Each death revealing

The wild nature

Of which we have been tamed

The kind of majesty

That is yet to be named

It urges us to follow our dreams

And become a creator in the now

As we learn to surrender

Our desire to know how

It shapes us through possibility

And guides us through grace

On this journey to the divine

Which we have stepped up to face

And when the journey is complete

As I am sure it will be

I will understand

That my travels

Have brought me


To ME.


- Ushmi Dosaja