• Amanda Heck

Purpose-Driven Coach Branding

It started with a seemingly simple request. "I need a new profile video for my soar.com profile."

Her Perspective

Building The Brand

When we sat down with Page Patten of Glass Always Full Coaching and Consulting, her goal was to communicate her coaching business to potential corporate clients through a profile video. Through our consultation process we discovered that her brand was lacking in solid direction. Without a firm base on which to build, any video we would have created for her would not have achieved her goal. So we guided Page through an extensive brand development process, over the course of eight weeks. Her logo remained the same, and her brand blossomed from within it's strong visual identity.

We started with the discovery phase. We asked challenging questions about Page's true purpose and passion, business, audience, and how she actually wanted to make a difference. She gathered years worth of business, branding, and marketing ideas for us to sift through, and it was very clear to us that she is incredibly intelligent, talented, determined, and passionate about helping people in their workplaces. She truly believes that helping people thrive in the workplace helps them thrive in their personal lives and communities.

The Video

Once we had a clear understanding of her brand, we wrote a script for her profile video that gave Page confidence in her message. Since the video needed both talk to her brand and present her personality to the world as the face of her brand, we scouted the perfect location in which Page could feel comfortable to let her own strengths shine through. We ended up in a meeting room that fit about 25 people. It was exactly the kind of environment in which she would work with her corporate team clients and it had just the right amount of creative flare and bright colors to subconsciously show the audience Page's bubbly personality. Even her wardrobe was chosen specifically to illustrate her soft, approachable nature. Behind the camera, the direction was clear, "Be you... incredibly!"

Page's passion shows through not only in the video, but in the written profile itself on soar.com/pagepatten. Check it out! In fact, as founder and CEO of Can & Will, I believe in what Page teaches so much that I am excited to engage her services as my team grows. If you want to see how your work world can positively impact your life and community, you can book a meeting with Page through her Soar account. Page Patten of Glass Always Full Coaching and Consulting is a Purpose-Driven Coach who is changing the world with Can & Will!

Through our consultation we have seen a great need for Purpose-Driven Coach branding. So if you are interested in developing your own Purpose-Driven brand, check out our new coach branding link!

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