Using Dramatic Photography to Create Surreal Scenes.

Ransom & Mitchell is a still + motion creative team in San Francisco featuring the combined talents of director – photographer Jason Mitchell and set designer – digital artist Stacey Ransom.

Together they create highly-detailed and visually-lush photographic-based digital art scenarios and portraits. Their work is narrative in nature and draws upon the darker undercurrent that exists within all aspects of society. Their process is a combination of cinematic lighting, theatrically-designed sets, hand-crafted custom props.

They seamlessly blend classical art aesthetics with forest nymphs and other mythical creatures, twisting reality with their opulent imaginations and dark narratives. The worlds they create are so beautiful and rich that they seem nearly hallucinatory.

Their collections of photo-illustrations offer a multitude of craftsmanship for the viewer to appreciate, and they are loaded with nostalgia, kitsch and dark humor.