Reviving a Brand that I Treasured

Updated: Nov 10

Many of you know me as an advocate for clean living. What you may not know is before I got into teaching about clean living, I used to run a business called Gunnii Sack Photography.



I was a portrait and wedding photographer for seven years before doing what I do now. When I first started The 80/20 Momma I tried to run both businesses for a few years and it was hard. I decided to go after the 8020 Momma and retire the camera.



I felt good about the decision and was ready for new challenges and aspirations. Well fast forward five years and my doTERRA business is preforming like a smoothly oiled machine and I have lots of free time on my hands (compliments of residual income). Anyway, after a few years off from shooting I began to yearn for it and crave it. I have decided that with my free time, I will revive the Gunnii Sack brand and book limited appointments, by referral only.



The best part about reviving this brand is because my husband and I just purchased a 40 acre ranch with epic views and many, many locations for portraits. If you have questions about upcoming deals, don't hesitate to reach out. In the meantime I hope you have an awesome day!





PS - to view my current portfolio please click here.