Updated: Sep 9

I have always been a great fan of AMD since the beginning. I’ve always felt the company never rode on the coattails of Intel. Because of that mindset, AMD created a culture and product that gained a solid following and stayed with the company through thick and thin. I was part of that community. I was always a believer that AMD was something special.


Recently, when AMD introduced their new Ryzen processors, I was floored! I've never believed that AMD was a "lesser" cheap than Intel. In fact, I've used and recommended AMD in computers since the 90's. My own Beast has an AMD FX 6-core 3.5Ghz processor (and I overclocked that bad boy) to give my system just a subtle push so that the processor works well with the RAM I added an additional 16GB of RAM, bringing my total up to 32GB. True, my computer isn't VR capable but it does what I need to do and when I'm ready for a VR system I'll build one.


Keeping that in mind, whenever I designed a computer system, I always think of what would I want in a machine, and how do I want that machine to perform. The first machine I ever designed, built and sold to a customer in the 90's was called The Phoenix. I named it that because I felt I was really rising from the ashes into a new career.


Back in 1989, when I graduated high school, I had a clear path in mind for myself. Go to college, graduate and get the hell as far as possible from Long Island. I didn't have an ideal school life, by all means it sucked! If it wasn't for a group of friends that I made I don't think I would have pulled myself through those precarious teenage years - but I did. Keeping that in mind, when circumstances made it that I couldn't attend college, and all though I tried to make classes with public transportation - I found that trying to get there was just as tough as actually attending. As a result, I left college. Instead, I got a part-time job, and was miserable, feeling I wasn't living up to my potential, and trying to figure how I was going to make my dream a reality. For a period of two years, I floundered from job to job learning how to sell, and tried to make sense out of my young and chaotic life. Then at 20 years old, I took a job at a small computer shop in Mt. Sinai, NY.


The day I walked through the doors of that store and met the people who would guide me onto a new career path is the day my life did a 360! I went from making $5.50/per hour to making a whopping $1,000/per week in less than a month. Information technology opened my eyes to a new field that was emerging and with the launch of the internet, my life changed even further when I discovered a new way to attend college and I also learned to love and embrace my home of Long Island.


That's why when I designed my first line of desktop computers, I chose the name The Phoenix, because I myself rose from the ashes to aspire to something greater, and shook off my past.


Our new Double J Ryze-Up Computers proudly carry that name in their model numbers. Why did I did chose Phoenix for this line? Because like AMD, our business, rose from the ashes and will continue to ascend into the clouds in a brilliant blaze of fire. So it seemed only fitting that our newest brand of systems would carry on this legacy.


Our Double J RYZE UP PHOENIX line features AMD Processors Ryzen 3, 7, and 9.

PHOENIX 1 includes the Ryzen 3 on the lower end is a powerful, yet affordable gaming system, with a minimum of 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD Drive by Samsung, 750 Watt power supply, it's GPU is powered by the NVidia RTX line and is air-cooled (water cool is optional, but cost extra.) This system is packaged in a mid-tower ATX case. Starting price on this unit is $1,779USD (plus tax.) This unit can be shipped out of state for an additional cost and features a 1 hour remote session, or Facetime session with our technicians to help you set it up (if you need it.) Also, our warranty is one year parts and labor. Accidental coverage is available for an additional cost.


Double J RYZE UP PHOENIX 2 is a system I put a great deal of thought into. This is an ideal system for an influencer, hard-core gamer, or programmer. When I designed this unit, I wanted something that would push hard and give solid performance. This system starts with the AMD Ryzen 7 processor, to complement the speed and efficiency of this unit I added 32GB of RAM to this bad boy, increased the SSD to 2TB. Also an air-cooled machine this can be also be a water-cooled unit for additional costs. Starting price on this unit is $3599USD with a one-year parts and labor warranty. Accidental coverage is available for an additional cost. This system also comes with a monthly service visit from our techs if you happen to live in Long Island, NY. For out of state residents, monthly service visit is optional for an additional Travel & Delivery charge.


And now we come to the flagship, DOUBLE J RYZE UP PHOENIX 3, is in fact a monster. It is designed for only the most serious of gamers, and enthusiasts. This is the machine you want at your side. Fully VR capable it featured the AMD Ryzen 9 processor. Again, I've decided to drop 64GB of RAM into this unit and put another 2TB Solid State drive for data. The power supply is 800 Watt and this machine is air-cooled (water cooled additional.) Once again the NVidia RTX line powers this unit with its impressive 2060 model, who wouldn't want 8GB of video memory on this bad boy? Starting price on this unit is $4599USD. It comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty and Additional accidental coverage is optional. For Long island residents, it includes a monthly service visit if you happen to live in Long Island, NY, just to make sure your system is up to task, and runs like a champ! For out of state residents, monthly service visits is optional for an additional Travel & Delivery charge.


In closing, you may wonder why I haven't mentioned the boards we're using. That's easy. All three of our units will use the ASUS ROG motherboard. We feel that the cost alone demands the performance of the ASUS ROG and in addition to that, we will use Cooler Master fans to actively cool down your processor (except on water-cooled systems.)


I hope that you like our newest line of Double J computers. Give us a call, click "Chat Now" or use the contact form to get started. We're eagerly awaiting your feedback on our newest line. Also, as an additional benefit for our Long Island customers, delivery and set up is automatically included. And if you're lucky enough to get Jen on the phone when you order, (and you cannot ask for Jen, or dial Jen's extension, you must call the sales line to qualify) you'll get an additional 10% off your order of Phoenix 1, 2, or 3 computers.


Have a great day,