Salmon & Raven


This is a second version of the original one. I would consider this as 1-of-a-kind, like humans with all our complexity, we are still one of a kind, individually made.


One time in a dream, a raven’s spirit came to me. I noticed my eyes were open and I could see him coming toward me. He was all white, landing at the end of the bed, he jumped toward me with an open mouth cawing as if trying to tell me something. My body could not move as “it” was still sleeping. I could not understand him. Then he stood up opened his wings looking up into the sky toward the east. Then he took a deep breath, his feathers lifted on his chest and noticed a face looking at me from under those feathers. Alarmed I woke up. They disappeared but my eyes were already open.


To my understanding now, it was a foreshadowing of the encounters that I was about to embark. All the learning, challenges, downfalls, hunger, longing, searching, all expression of experiences in life I must accept with open eyes. But always looking up into the sky to the east for the new day is coming. Before we know it, in a "twinkling of an eye," we shall all be transformed into spiritual form instantly.


"Wake Up You!" must have been what he said.