Sari - a sexy cultural icon

A sari is not just a dress, it’s a cultural icon. It is quite possibly the oldest unstitched, six meter long female outfit that survived centuries and is still worn today. This ancient piece (~200BCE) made it to modern fashion shows.

You might wonder why saris were and still are draped and not sawn. After all Indians are famous for being experts at embroidery and weaving, aren’t they?

Engagement party, India, 2018

It comes down to one word. Creativity.

I couldn't believe it but there are around 80 different ways in which you can wear a sari. This also includes different styles, fabrics, colours and patterns. For instance, the famous red sari is the most traditional choice for brides. However, these days they often choose other varieties.

A sari’s purpose in India is as versatile as India itself. The dress is worn on everyday basis as well as for functions. It is worn by rich and poor in both villages and cities. My dearest friend from India, Sriz, described the garment as “ethnic and sexy. You can buy it for as cheap as $5 and go as far as $15,000.”

Personally, I absolutely loved wearing a sari as it makes you feel like a goddess (that you are!).

A little video presentation



Sari is usually worn together with a short fitted blouse

Dehradun, India, December, 2018