(c) Debbie Briggs
You are a fountain of cascading light, and you open our eyes to light. Psalm 36:9 (The Message) But for you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings… Malachi 4:2 (New Living Translation)


At least once in your child-life, you tried to run away from your shadow. You screamed incessantly when it would not stop chasing after you until you discovered, to your chagrin, that it was tenaciously glued to you everywhere you went and annoyingly duplicated your every move. When you jumped, it jumped. When you hopped thrice on one foot, it did exactly the same. When you spread your arms, touched your toes, tilted your head; it simultaneously imitated all your actions… It was mysterious, spooky and frighteningly real.


It is amusing however, that now as an adult, you hardly even notice that same shadow, even though it has never really left you. You have simply grown used to having it there, lurking. It has by all means lost its spookiness.


What changed? The shadow? You?….


Shadows are created when an opaque object, for example, your body, blocks out some of the light coming from a light source, say, the Sun; with the length of the shadow depending on how high or how low the light source is. If you stand in the sun at different times of the day, you will find that your shadow is longer in the morning as the sun rises, and grows shorter and shorter until midday when you almost no loger see it (it sort of hides beneath you, under your feet!) and then grows long again towards the evening, but then on the opposite side of where it stood in the morning. It therefore follows that if there is no light there can be no shadow. Shadows only show up once there is some light in the horizon. The presence of a shadow is an indication of light.


Is there a shadow cast over you today? Are you feeling blue, feeling down? Have you failed at something recently, been rejected, let down, abused? Did you just lose a loved one, a job, an amazing opportunity? Are you on a hospital bed, or just feeling sad about the choices you made that led you or the people you love into too much pain?….


Shadows will come – and go – everyday. Different shades (some will be darker than others), different sizes (some will loom larger than others), different directions (some will lie to the side, in front, behind, etc.), all depending on your position with respect to the light, and the intensity of it.


Child of God, if you are experiencing some downtime now, it is an evidence of some light somewhere around the corner. Shadows are not cast in the dark but only in the light. The Bible declares in Proverbs 4:18 that your light will get brighter and brighter. So hold on, hold on till the perfect day, when the sun is high up and the shadows literally disappear…. Hold on my friend.

Do you know that shadows are significant in Geometry, Mathematics, Computer programming, Photography, etc.? They are definitely beneficial in your life too, even though they absolutely (seemingly) make no sense.

That feeling of incompetence; that voice that taunts you behind; that image of you failing again; that guilt of a past sin; blah blah blah; is only a shadow and beautifully too, a hint that there is Light… So do not react like a child. Do not cry and try to chase the shadows away, because if you could, they would have gone away at your first yell. But Alas! They are a part of life.


So, turn towards the light. Focus on the light and you will soon forget about the thick dark adumbration lurking around. When you face the light, the shadows fall behind, naturally. Grow up in the things of the Spirit and those murky tokens of darkness won’t hold terrors for you anymore.

Do the shadows cease? No, but you learn to maximize your light in spite of the shadows cast.

Shadows fade away at Midday. Cheer Up! Behold the Sun!


- Sista Mercie


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