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This week H.T.S.O.T. is reaching out and asking our readers, followers, and subscribers to share their stories.






We want to know your struggles.

We want to hear your healing stories.

We want to hear about your fears, phobias and Anxieties.

We want to hear about your needs.

Tell us about the emotions and feelings that are holding you back.



H.T.S.O.T. is looking for better ways to connect and to help those who are loooking for healing in all forms. This is your chance to reach out and connect with us. Share your story or ask us a question. Want to know more about the online course and the H.T.S.O.T. self-healing technique? All stories will be kept confidential and we promise to respond to everyone who participates.



We are Excited and Anxious to Connect With You!





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