Silicone face cleansing brush – your new favorite skincare device!


Facial cleansing brushes are no surprise anymore; the beauty market is booming with the variety of different electronic devices leaving customers confused which device to choose. Two most popular type of facial brushes are bristle facial brush and silicone facial brush. So why to choose HOUSE OF ELUA silicone facial brush?


House of Elua silicone brush is made of FDA Silicone that is designed for applications where food or consumables are present. FDA Silicone is low volatile, peroxide-free and does not discolor over time. Even more, silicone is also known as most hygienic, bacteria resistant material that is gentle to touch, waterproof and extremely durable. Not convince yet? Read some facts below and be sure that FDA silicone offers the most effective and gentle clean!


Most hygienic material

Silicone is a super hygienic material because it is naturally bacteria resistant; bacteria simply don’t accumulate in the brush. Unlike nylon bristles that are more prone to sustain bacteria build up, especially if not properly washed, silicone bristles are scientifically proved to be more hygienic as well as easy to use and clean. So here there is no doubt that silicone brush is safest and cleanest option for cleansing the skin.


Very gently on the skin

One more major advantage against nylon bristles is that silicone is extremely gentle material and it doesn’t irritate or harm your skin. That’s why silicone facial brush is suitable for most sensitive skin types. Silicone touchpoints gently massage and cleanse your skin without getting skin rashes or feeling discomfort.



Silicone is waterproof material, making House of Elua cleansing devices convenient for use in the bath or shower. The device has IPX6 waterproof level which means that device is protected against heavy splashing and shower.



Because silicone is very durable and long-lasting material, no brush head replacements are needed. Never. Unlike nylon bristles brush heads that need to be replaced every three to four months, because they lose shape, clump together over time, build up bacteria and are not hygienic to use anymore.


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