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Six Top Tips to Tackle Fall 2019


"Okay, next week I'm going to start eating healthy..."

"On Monday I'll start my new gym routine..."

"I swear this is my last night drinking, no more after this one..."

"No I literally have no food in the house-- I'll just order pizza tonight and start tomorrow morning..."


Sound familiar Sis?


Yes, well...as much as I LOVE Summertime, it's back-to-school already and with that often means habits similar to New Years. We're wanting to get back into routine; back to healthy eating and maybe meal prepping for school or work; back to exercise routines, and so on. But if you're not going back to those healthy habits, maybe you're someone looking to start them.


Believe me girl, I've been there! I haven't always been the holistic health enthusiast that I am today.


When I quit dance at the age of 16, I was eager to find a new means of exercise but gyms and "working out" were foreign to me.


Fast forward to 2019 and I absolutely LOVE my healthy and fit lifestyle! I eat, workout, and live in a way that is maintainable and enjoyable. My routine, eating habits, and day-to-day activities have become a healthy habit that I genuinely enjoy and practice without even thinking.


Here are some random, fun, and often overlooked simple tips to get you on your way to a sustainable and realistic healthy lifestyle this Fall! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!


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Six Top Tips to Tackle Fall 2019

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1 // DRINK MORE WATER! I aim for around 3 liters a day, but listen to your body and slowly increase from what is your current norm. Not only will this give your skin an extra dewy glow and hydration boost, but it also helps with managing your appetite and ensuring you only eat when you're actually hungry!



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2 // ALWAYS HAVE HEALTHY SNACKS ON HAND! Of course eating a fresh brekkie, lunch, and dinner is essential for your healthy "diet", however, I find it's the random afternoon or morning snacks that lead me astray. For me, it's unrealistic to say, "I'm not going to snack and ONLY eat three meals a day"...mm nope! I always make sure my house, bag, or travel lunch box is stocked with fresh fruit, bliss balls, whole food bars, or veggie sticks + hummus for those munchie moments!



Photo by Ivana Cajina on UnsplashPhoto by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash



3 // FIND A FORM OF EXERCISE YOU ENJOY! When I first tried to kick start my fitness journey back in 2014, I thought I had to do tons of cardio. Lols, so not true! While running is actually one of my fave forms of exercise (and meditation), I know now that for me to see results in my training, it's not all about cardio...I personally love body weight circuits, walking my dog, lifting weights, etc. Everyone is different so make sure you're exercising in a way that is right for YOU! You don't want to be dreading this aspect of your healthy lifestyle.




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4 // ADD CHIA SEEDS (TO YOUR WATER)! All I'm going to say about this is hair, skin, nails, poop, bloating, and appetite. BOOM. I love a good chia seed water bottle!



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5 // GO TO BED EARLIER! Okay, this is one I'm still working on myself (especially as I'm writing this email late at night!) - but sleep is imperative to reaching your health and fitness goals. Not only does your body need adequate time to repair, restore, and regenerate - your MIND also needs the time to truly switch off and refresh. There's nothing better than waking up early from a solid nights sleep feeling excited to actually get out of bed!





Photo by Allie Smith on UnsplashPhoto by Allie Smith on Unsplash


6 // BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND DON'T THINK YOU'RE STARTING FROM SCRATCH! As much as we try to control every aspect of our life and live in a perfect little bubble world, there are bound to be speed bumps and road blocks throughout your journey. Whether it's getting injured, sick, or slammed with work loads and school studies for a few weeks, life can get in the way of your fitness routine and healthy schedule. This is totally normal! In moments or weeks like this, try not to feel discouraged or defeated, know that we all go through it. Prioritize what's important and what needs to be done first, then pick up where you left off. You're not starting from scratch - just learning to be adaptable and flexible with this temporary/new routine.



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