Spaced was an awesome design challenge by Dann Petty.


    As quite a sci-fi space enthusiast (sorry, not sorry) I entered both of the challenges:

    • logo & identity

    • app



    The logo


    The brief was to design a logo for a company named SPACED:

    a space travel company providing the ultimate experience for outer space travel with feature destinations like the Moon, Mars, Earth, and Europa.


    I started with some keywords:

    awesome - tech - ultimate - experience - high-end - future - quick


    Design a logo that looks slick but is also simple, recognizable and purely says: we’re awesome at our business and our business is getting you

    to space and back, safely.


    The solution:

    clean lines in a textual, sans-serif logo with small details that express professionalism and the main task of transporting you to a galaxy far, far away





    The logo is memorable and expresses the cutting-edge near future of the company.




    The visual shift upwards symbolizes the thrust at lift-off, giving the impression of being launched into space - fast and by professionals. It’s bold and highly legible, making it perfect for any usage to emphasize the brand.


    Defined the colours, then added a version with the slogan and various versions for usage.








    Usually I add a few applications of the logo so the client has a better understanding for the look and feel of the logo on actual products.






    The app


    The app needed to be sales-oriented, useful and easy to use with a sensible visual hierarchy.


    Many sketches (and coffee cups) later, I’ve come up with the following screens (would be more if I had more time - classic designers :)





    A few screens in detail:

    What do you think?