Speakers & Dub

Updated: Mar 7, 2019


I have now subscribed to the Briefbox ‘Pro’ membership, giving me access to more than 180 briefs. After spending some time going over every brief, I have picked 14 and added them to my learning path, a checklist of challenges to complete within Briefbox.


To start off with, I have gone for another 3-day completion time brief, this time focusing on print and layout. The brief is called ‘Speakers & Dub’ in which you are tasked with designing a poster for an underground music store in Detroit, called ‘Reverb’.



For this brief I chose to focus on the nightclub culture that surrounds bassline music.

I set out to create a poster with a harsh synthetic vibe that buzzes with energy.


My biggest challenge was trying to conceptualize the effects that bassline music can have on the mind and body in a contemporary way, while avoiding anything too cliché.


Inspired by optical illusions, I wanted to create something viewers could get lost in, something that distorts the mind.


I explored many connotations for the optical illusion but ended up going with the face of a fox, as I believe a fox is a great signifier for urban nightlife.


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