• Lammergeier Staff

starry order— | Josh Lipson



a heavy snowfall disappears into the sea

at Goshen Gore.

missed the ritual, the

terrible glistening yawn,

the vomiting cat,

the musical vowels of Babylon


north cut narrow with kabuki,

and gnostic games beyond my ken,

my yellow flag

in the Haussmann air



the prow of my skull

against the rocks

and Baker Beach wax-cast in



Should I make it pristine for you?


jealous of the glass

that passes its lips

and slick with Albéniz


the heave of a

bodyless oar—

benim tanrım.

airdrop me anywhere

safe from electrical storm:

Lalibela. Shasta.

I’ve left a sacred mess.

“Don’t Know Why”

and a pile of woodchips.





Josh Lipson is a student of history, language, and the mind based in Virginia by way of New Jersey, Cambridge, Jerusalem, Istanbul, and San Francisco. His work has been featured in Obra/Artifact, Homonym Journal, Burning House Press, and Petrichor. His poem "Habana-Om" was recently nominated for Sundress Press' "Best of the Net Anthology."


Twitter: @Josh_Lipson

Facebook: lipson.josh