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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

How did we end up here? Read this post to get the background story on how we ended up living in two tiny homes, one floating and one on terra firma.

Commute from hellCommute from hell
Does this look like fun?

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Let us introduce ourselves and give you a bit of background on how we ended up living this tiny home lifestyle.


Choice or Circumstance

Do you act or react?

Do you let your circumstances in life decide how you will live it? Are you proactive in your life making decisions to make it the way you want? Do you hate committing to decisions and let fate decide?


Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

We did. I must admit that my life is both a result of reacting to my circumstances and also acting to make changes. It is not easy to discover or admit where you may have gone wrong.



For fun, I am going to let my wife introduce me, and I will introduce her.


Det is wonderfully adventurous (has been skydiving twice), talented (even though she doesn't claim to be), an amazing cook (why I consequently can't lose weight), smart, hard working, caring, loving, giving, generous and she even puts up with me. Maybe I should have gone into sales because I have been able to sell some crazy ideas to my wife. Luckily, she has supported all of them. I have the great fortune of being with my wife all the time. We met at work and we still work at the same company. That means we have done the commute together, which is why she can so easily relate to why I wanted to change all of that. (See the 4 hour commute post)



The Outcome We live on the boat when we have time with the boys ( they stay on the boat as well with us) and we live in an Airstream (23' trailer) that is parked at a friends house during the work week. Tinyx2. 2 tiny homes in 2 locations.


Most people we share our story with have a range of reactions; impressed, envious, think we are crazy, jealous, curious, and blank stares. It does become a topic of conversation. We've been told to write a book or start a blog (done!). To us it is just reality and dealing with our circumstances.


Many life changing events led us here, most were not what we had ever hoped or wanted to experience. If I were to be honest, not even close to what I wanted for my ideal life I had imagined for myself or us, but we are trying to make the best of the circumstances we are in.


I can honestly say, this would not be for everyone. I am not illustrating how awesome life can be if you quit everything, sold everything and moved into a van or boat and traveled the world. We still work, still trying to achieve some goals and aspirations in life, many of which you will learn as you read our posts.


So where does this leave you? Are you hoping to dream of an escape of your current situation and life and want to live vicariously through us as you read this blog? I doubt it, because we aren't at a new locations all the time, posting picture of the view beyond our feet. Our lives are interesting, but that is not the purpose here. We are here to share our experience of life giving us lemons and us trying to make some lemonade that is somewhat sweet but far from perfect. We do hope that you can take where you are at in life and make the best of it as we are trying to do.