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Surveillance Training in US & Europe

Updated: Aug 23, 2019



4-Day Surveillance Training in US & Europe Locations: South Florida & Athens, Greece


Our surveillance training courses are run in South Florida US and in Athens Greece in Europe and are aimed at those who for professional or personal reason need to know how to conduct professional covert surveillance operations.


Our surveillance courses are not only applicable to close protection, private investigations professionals and investigative journalists  but also security managers whose jobs that entail managing the loss of assets, or human resources professionals that need to check on absentee employees or can be of use to those wanting to check in a cheating lover or partner!


Our surveillance courses put an emphasis on simple and proven operational techniques and tactics. The surveillance courses are split between theory and practical exercises where the students apply the techniques and tactics they have been taught on realists training scenarios.  


Our 4-Day Surveillance Course is split into two phases; urban surveillance and rural surveillance and the subjects we cover include:

  • Personal security

  • Surveillance operation planning

  • Open source research 

  • Equipment

  • Photographic techniques

  • Mobile and static surveillance

  • Foot surveillance 

  • Observation posts

  • Counter surveillance

  • Reconnaissance operations

  • Etc...

Surveillance Training in Athens, Greece Public course fee: €699.00 Euro (€250.00 advance booking fee) Private course fee: €1600.00 Euro (€500.00 advance booking fee)


Surveillance Training in South Florida, US Public course fee: $1200.00 USD ($350.00 advance booking fee) Private course fee: $2250.00 USD ($500.00 advance booking fee)


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Private group course fees: Depends upon individual requirements The course fees does not to include accommodation


Contact us if you have any questions about out surveillance training courses in South Florida US or in Athens Greece in Europe. We supply a full range of close protection, hostile environment awareness and travel security training in US, Europe and the Middle East for close protection personnel, security managers, journalists, aid workers and NGO employees.





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