TakaTaka Solutions

Nairobi, Kenya |

TakaTaka Solutions is active in waste collection and resource recycling. Its mission is to provide affordable and environmentally friendly waste management services to all income areas. TakaTaka Solutions was founded in 2011 to overcome the existing waste management situation in Nairobi and beyond.


The company works with 8,000 households. It collects more than 10 tons of waste daily and sorts the organic and inorganic components.


The majority of the waste collected is made out of organic materials which is brought to the firm's central composting facility. There it is processed into high-quality compost: the TakaTaka Solution Biobooster. The inorganic waste fraction is sorted out into various categories such as plastics, papers, metals and are sold to recycling industries across Nairobi. TakaTaka Solutions' 3 recycling points and one composting plant enables the recycling of 95% of the collected waste.

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TakaTaka Solutions sorts waste into more than 45 fractions