The Tribe of Trump

What is a cult?

There’s a lot of textbook definitions describin’ mindless zombies follerin’ every whim of a charmin’, self-styled narcissist to a congregation of wide-eyed zealots worshippin’ their silver-tongued leader as a deity. Although there’s a kernel of truth to this modern-day psycho babble, it fails to get to the root of exactly what a cult is.

If we took any modern-day cult and sent it back in time 30,000 years, it would be indiscernible from any other “tribe.” You’d see them for exactly what they are: a group of people placin’ their hopes for the future on a charismatic leader promisin’ them deliverance from their struggles and blood vengeance on their enemies.

In these prehistoric times, there was no law other than that decreed by the tribal leader, which might vary day-to-day on his mood or the weather. There were no clear-cut boundaries of personal relationships. If the leader cast a lustful eye on your wife, you had to take one for the team. This worldview caters to the unevolved, or “tribal mind” in all of us, which explains why Trumpers go apey over a loud-mouthed windbag like Donald Trump.

Seeing MAGA as a tribe is the best way of understandin’ them. These poor folks have lived in a Democracy governed by the rule of law all their lives, and where has it got them? The average Trumper is low-income, under-educated and barely scrapin’ by. As far as they see it, Democracy ain’t done them any favors, and they are longin’ for someone, anyone, that can deliver them from their struggles.

Enter Donald Trump.

For a tribe to band together, they first need enemies to define them. Trump supplied that in spades, showin’ them they would all be millionaires if it weren’t for all those Mexicans takin’ their jobs. Trump also proclaimed them the “true elites,” unlike those smarty-pant liberals with their math, science and complete sentences.

This also explains why MAGA has no concern whatsoever about Trump, the serial adulterer. As we discussed earlier, a powerful leader is expected to have his pick of the tribe’s women. Rather than be repulsed by his chronic immorality, this cemented him as their testosterone-drenched god-man.

Placin’ their destiny in Trump’s tiny baby-hands, MAGA has no need for laws anymore. Trump is the law, and the Constitution is merely a bump in the road on the way to makin’ America great again. Dems need to stop clutchin’ their pearls in outrage when MAGA hypocritically claims to be the “Law and Order” party, while simultaneously cheerin’ Trump on as he shreds the United States Constitution. We must come to terms that hypocrisy is of no concern to people who believe that the rules are for losers.

This “tribe mentality” also explains why Trump’s approval ratin’ never seems to waiver from its set-in-stone 42%. MAGA is not swayed by policy, legal decision or public opinion. They have anointed their Mango Messiah, while giving no critical thought to the fate all Messiahs eventually fall to. Through MAGA eyes, Trump’s first term has delivered them from their enemies, real or imagined. His second term will surely slake their insatiable bloodlust as Trump positions himself to jail all those who ever spoke ill of him.

Like it or not, America is in an era of tribal politics. So what do we do? Do we create a competin’ tribe with our own enigmatic leader and abandon our laws, morals and beliefs just to beat their tribe?

No way, Donnie Ray! History has taught us you beat a tribe with a nation. A group of diverse people bound by a common set of laws designed to promote equality and personal integrity; a system not dependent on the validity of a single human bein’, but a nation of laws; a nation of ideals; a nation born in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal!

The Trump Tribe is reserved for the trash heap of history. It’s up to us to band together as a nation and send it there.

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