The Electric ⚡️⎿ady⎿esa Cocktail💜🍸

Happy Thirsty Thursday San Diego DANCERS! We hope you are hydrating as you get your training in this week, but we also want you to have a little fun and XclusivelyDanceSD is here to help get the party started! Cocktails are on us 🍸We created the San Diego DANCE Lesa Green inspired cocktail-

The Electric⚡️Lady Lesa Cocktail:

  • 1 Part Cinema

  • 2 Parts Business

  • 3 Parts Dance

Lesa is our #teacherthursday👯‍♀️and we are so excited to share the ingredients that concoct this Thursday's choreographer and instructor.

Ingredient 1: Cinema

  • On her dark sense of humor and the beginning of her cinema love affair : "My dark sense of humor? You’d have to really get to know me to understand where that comes from but I did watch a lot of scary movies growing up. While I am a dancer, I am a huge movie buff and have a deep love with cinematography. I do believe this is where my creative process stems from when creating work for the stage."

  • On choreographing for DANCE NATION: "I expect a lot out of everyone I work with, whether your goal is to perform professionally or not. This is probably due to the fact that my mentors and instructors expected the same of me. I believe we lose a lot of intensity when we say we “only want to do this for fun” or “as a hobby”. While that might be a true statement for some, I feel there is much more to gain in giving things your all. That being said, I taught the actors of Dance Nation in a similar format. While I know they weren’t all trained in dance, this was a dance themed show. I basically lived Dance Nation. I made sure I was sensitive to this while creating the choreography, but not so much that I felt I was making it easy for them or changing what I felt the director and playwright desired. As a choreographer, unless you’re producing your own show/works, your job is to create with the shows best interest at heart. This show was such an amazing project to work on and I learned so much from Jennifer Eve Thorn (Director). The dancers in Dance Nation definitely went through a bootcamp of dance and they did an amazing job. Being able to learn lines, connect with a character, move scenery, work with costumes and props and then have to learn specific technical dance moves AND choreography!? They’re beasts!"

{Daren Scott Photography Featured Above}

Donnie Nicholson Photography

Ingredient 2: Business

On owning The MIX Technique® : "In 2009, I opened a studio called MIX. It was a Dance, Yoga & Fitness studio. I had classes such as Cardio Burlesque, Funky Yoga, Contemporary Jazz (to name a few) and my class creation The MIX Technique® . I wanted a class that fused together all of my favorite disciplines: Yoga, ballet basics, barre style exercises, Pilates, bootcamp and Horton Modern dance. All things that I think can create a strong, beautiful body. I’ve always loved the lean, strong muscles from dance and it’s attainable with regular hard work and healthy nutrition habits. It’s a great class for non-dancers (the repetitive drills create muscle memory) and training dancers can pre-hab (pre-habilitate) their bodies while in rehearsals for shows and also keep up in their training to prevent injury. After a serious injury in 1998 (where I was unable to dance for a year), I found Yoga and discovered the importance of injury prevention and pre-habilitation. I am very fortunate that through proper rehabilitation and care, I am able to dance to this day. I made it my mission to become certified in Yoga and after receiving my BA in Dance in 2003, went on to receive my MS in Physical Education while opening my studio."

Donnie Nicholson Photography

Ingredient 3: Dance

  • On falling for dance from New York to California: "My mom started me in dance classes when I was two years old in New York. Her intention was to give me something to do, as she had always wanted to dance. I ended up falling in love with it from the first moment I remember. I have very clear memories of my first classes and first recital performance. I remember thinking “I want to do this forever” after the performance."

"I do believe in past lives. There are so many different past lives I connect with. I feel as though I’ve been a cat and dog in my past lives. Something that has flying abilities (many dreams of flying)...and a sister of the Salem family."- Green (Leilani Rose Photography)
"Fall is my favorite season. I love a sweater and boots. That will forever always be the New Yorker in me. Plus Halloween. Duh. Costumes and scaring people are my favorites." -Lesa Green (Leilani Rose Photography)
  • On favorite style of dance: "I appreciate all styles of dance and if you watch my choreography, you’ll see that it’s a definite blend. I’m classically trained in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Modern. In high school I fell in love with Hip Hop and would drive myself to Culture Shock for master class every Tuesday night...with the hopes that I could watch the first few minutes of company rehearsal directly after master class. Jazz is my favorite style. Ever since dance competitions as a kid and solos where I could execute leaps and pirouettes...Jazz has been the one."

  • On the essence of her favorite thing to teach: "Jazz Dance. I’ve been obsessed with Bob Fosse since my parents took me to see Pippin in NYC. My cat is named after him. Such an odd show for a kid to connect with but I loved the intricacies of his moment and the funky sensuality. Makes sense, as I would go on to become a Burlesque dancer and then Heels. I think women embracing their sensuality, along with strong technical aspects, is a beautiful thing. I would watch Pippin before school and dance along while I got ready. Teaching anything Jazz is my favorite!"

  • Put the ingredients all together = Electric ⚡️⎿ady ⎿esa Cocktail🍸

"It is my hope to work with more SD dancers and choreograph for more shows and theatre. I really enjoyed my last project with Moxie Theatre and love the stage so much. I also hope to see more SD dancers supporting each other and more SD venues creating more events and opportunities for the talent we do have here."

{Brickhouse Dance Featured Below}

Lesa is thankful for you guys taking time to read about her, and so are we! She is so strong and takes her craft seriously while making it look effortless. Green is honest in her approach, but there are so many layers that have yet to be seen. Want to see more layers? Check her out on her contact page or connect with her on SM at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter:@TheMIXTechnique.